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1-Minute Bible Love Notes 2017
Every time I Drink a Glass of Iced Tea I Will Pray for a Specific Need
Rooted and Established in Love - Ephesians 3:17
Being Deliberate, Diligent, and Disciplined About Our Faith in Christ - Philippians 2:12-13
Walking On Water, Faith and Doubt - Matthew 14:28-31

We Must Define "Forget" Correctly As It Applies to God "Forgetting" Our Sins - Isaiah 43:25
Jesus Freed My Friend From A Box of Communist Atheism
7 Practical Ways to Keep Your Walk With the Lord Energized - 2 John 1:6
Our Perfect God - Psalm 18:30 - We Cannot Imagine A Better God
God is the "Leading Authority" on What Damages Our Souls

When God Looks At Us - He Sees Us Sins and All - And He Loves Us Enough to Change Us
Nature is One of God's Love Letters - A Way He Speaks To Us - Romans 1:20
Spiritual Atrophy-We Never Stand Still in Christian Growth-We Move Forward or Backward
Asking God for an Eternal Perspective - 2 Corinthians 4:17
6 Practical Ideas For Energizing Your Faith Walk

Are You Weary Of "Cheap Grace" and Ready to Mature in Christ? 2 Peter1:3-15
In Every Difficulty There is Something Good - Romans 8:28
Psalm 33 Offers Fourteen Reasons to Be Grateful to the Lord
Grace Can't Be Earned But Life in Christ Has a Cost - Luke 14:25-35
Standing Firm and Reaching Out in Love - Matthew 10:22, Matthew 28:18-20

Things Christians are Commanded to Add to Their Faith - 1 Peter 1:6-7, Galatians5:22-23
On The Eve of Destruction - A Poetic Reminder of Eve's Choice to Sin - Genesis 3

Handling Non-essential Differences Humbly and Biblically - Romans 14
Peter's Brother Andrew - Inspiration for Behind-the-Scenes Christians - John 1:41, John 6:1-13
Jesus Will Overthrow the Anti-Christ With a Breath - 2 Thessalonians 2:8

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