Exhaustive Archive - 2017

1-Minute Bible Love Notes 2017
Every time I Drink a Glass of Iced Tea I Will Pray for a Specific Need
Rooted and Established in Love - Ephesians 3:17
Being Deliberate, Diligent, and Disciplined About Our Faith in Christ - Philippians 2:12-13
Walking On Water, Faith and Doubt - Matthew 14:28-31

We Must Define "Forget" Correctly As It Applies to God "Forgetting" Our Sins - Isaiah 43:25
Jesus Freed My Friend From A Box of Communist Atheism
7 Practical Ways to Keep Your Walk With the Lord Energized - 2 John 1:6
Our Perfect God - Psalm 18:30 - We Cannot Imagine A Better God
God is the "Leading Authority" on What Damages Our Souls

When God Looks At Us - He Sees Us Sins and All - And He Loves Us Enough to Change Us
Nature is One of God's Love Letters - A Way He Speaks To Us - Romans 1:20
Spiritual Atrophy-We Never Stand Still in Christian Growth-We Move Forward or Backward
Asking God for an Eternal Perspective - 2 Corinthians 4:17
6 Practical Ideas For Energizing Your Faith Walk

Are You Weary Of "Cheap Grace" and Ready to Mature in Christ? 2 Peter1:3-15
In Every Difficulty There is Something Good - Romans 8:28
Psalm 33 Offers Fourteen Reasons to Be Grateful to the Lord
Grace Can't Be Earned But Life in Christ Has a Cost - Luke 14:25-35
Standing Firm and Reaching Out in Love - Matthew 10:22, Matthew 28:18-20

Things Christians are Commanded to Add to Their Faith - 1 Peter 1:6-7, Galatians5:22-23
On The Eve of Destruction - A Poetic Reminder of Eve's Choice to Sin - Genesis 3

Handling Non-essential Differences Humbly and Biblically - Romans 14
Peter's Brother Andrew - Inspiration for Behind-the-Scenes Christians - John 1:41, John 6:1-13
Jesus Will Overthrow the Anti-Christ With a Breath - 2 Thessalonians 2:8
God Knows Us Intimately and Loves Us Deeply - Psalm 56:8, Matthew 10:29-31   
If We Think What is Right, We Will Speak What is Right - Philippians 4:8, Matthew 12:34-35 
 4 Scriptures to Comfort You When You're Lonely
Christians Are No Longer Under Condemnation But We Still Must Deal Biblically With Our Sins- Romans 8:1-2,12-13
Why We Can Call God "Daddy" - Abba Father - Galatians 4:6

Dwelling On God's Word Can Change You from the Inside Out - Psalm 119:11
How Does Scripture Define Love? Matthew 22:36-40, 1 Corinthians 13
Will You Give Up Your Seat or Remain Selfish? - Philippians 2:3-4
7 Claims of False Teachers and "Christian" Cults
Good Things Can Sometimes Be Unpleasant - Hebrews 12:5-11 and James 1:17

We Can't Ignore Our Role in Christian Maturity - 2 Thessalonians 1, Philippians 2:12-13
We Make Time for Things and People We Consider Important 
You Don't Miss it Until It's Gone - So Start Being Thankful Now - Philippians 4:4
Have modern Christians lost discernment? Are We Flirting With the Devil?
Give Your Burdens to the Lord - Ps. 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7

Keep Contending for the Faith No Matther How Strong the Resistance - Jude 1:3
The Bible Teaches About A Loving Father God. No Other Religion Claims Such a God.

What It Means To Be "The Apple of God's Eye" - Deuteronomy 32:10
Living For Christ Is Wonderful, But It's Not Easy - 4 Facts To Remember
The Better We Know Christ, The More Like Him We Become - 1 John 3:2

Why Hoping All Men Will Be Saved is A Sign of Unbelief
God Knows Us Perfectly and Judges Us Perfectly - Psalm 139:1-3
God Does Heart Transplants - Ezekiel 36:26
3 Reasons Only One God Can Be the True God
This is Love: to Walk in Obedience to His Commands - 2 John 1:6

We Must Share God Accurately - Half Truths Do More Harm Than Good
Contentment is Knowing the Difference Between a Want and a Need
God Loves Us Enough To Tell Us the Truth - He Rebukes and Encourages - Rev. 3:19, John 14:27
Why Believing All Men Will Be Saved is A Mockery of Grace and Justice
5 Reasons God Searches Hearts – 2 Chronicles 16:9

Half-Truths Are More Deceptive Than Outright Lies
Let's Pray for Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Christ - Hebrews 13:3
A Sugary Gospel Leads to a Weak and Flabby Spirit
Why Believing All Men Will Be Saved Requires a Low View of God - Romans 3:12
5 Ways God Works in Human Hearts – Psalm 37:4

We Aren't Saved by Obeying God's Commands, But All Who Are Saved Will Seek to Obey Them
Let's Stop Living Like Atheists and Learn From Abraham's Grave
Are You A Good Listener? God Is! Psalm 34:15
Universal Salvation Deceives Men, Giving Them False Hope
Scripture's 5 Point Plan for Preventing Spiritual Heart Disease
1 John Identifies 6 Types of Liars, Some Who Claim They're Believers
Even When Our Circumstances Are Bad, God Can Give Us Peace and Joy
Outward Godliness Isn't Godliness At All - 2 Timothy 3:1-5
Dear Christians, Our Race is Getting Faster and Harder - Jeremiah 12:5-6
Being Salt and Light in a Sexually Immoral Culture - Matthew 5:13-16

Literal or Figurative? 4 Guidelines About Figurative Language in Scripture
Arrogance Without Knowledge
The Rest of Our Story
Nothing Could Be More Central
The Old Rugged Cross

Falsely Imprisoned for 35 Years 
God Doesn't Smile When His Children Misbehave
3 Ways to Keep Your Perspective During Difficulties
To Judge or Not To Judge - The Bible Rebukes Hypocritical Judgment, Not All Judgment
Sharing the Whole Character of God

3 Reasons the Centurion's Faith Amazed Jesus
Scripture Debunks This Popular Quote About Hell
Teach Us To Number Our Days, Lord - Psalm 90:12
We Were Born for Such a Time as This - Esther 4:14
God Rewards Those Who Earnestly Seek Him

DNA Evidence Proves We Are Fallen!
Where To Set Your Heart - Ezra 7:10
Jesus Crushed Satan's Head - Genesis 3:15, Revelation 20
3 Steps for Seeking God's Wisdom
What We Learn From Bad Guys Like Cain

God's Goodness is Far Greater Than Satan's Evil
It Is the Best of Times, It Is the Worst of Times: The Current Spiritual Climate
Taking Our Emotions to the Lord in Psalms
5 Ways to Improve Our Spiritual Vision
Honoring Our Parents Pleases the Lord

God Always Provides a Way Out - 1 Cor. 10:13
God Does Not Save Unrepentant People
Three Times Dead = Life. Two Times Dead = Death.
5 Ways To Rid Your Thoughts of Sinful Desires
Don't Listen to "Weedy Messages" in the Church

Contentment Comes from Proper Perspective
The Benefit of Godly Examples, Especially Christ's
Christians Look on the Heart, Not Externals
4 Types of People God Tells Us To Avoid
Nothing Is Too Difficult For God!

Bad Guys Are Good Warnings - Balaam
Just a Little Bit More
We Need Friends, Not Fans

We Are Designed to Be Creative, Like Our Heavenly Father
Let's Not Grieve Him, Let's Please Him!

"Works" is Not a Dirty Word
My Soul Has Been Bought and Paid For...
Who Are Children of God?
6 Characteristics of Sincere Repentance
Is Christ a Celebrity, Acquaintance, or Confidant?

Let's Trust God to Describe Himself
The Sting of Correction
Every Day is Our Heavenly Father's Day
5 Characteristics of False Repentance
I'd Give Anything....Not Really

Peace is Not the Highest Good
4 Signs of Childish Faith - 1 Corinthians 13:11
Stand Up and Die
Sexual Purity Matters to God
Jesus Invites Us to Come, Take, and Learn

Alphabetical Prayer
As Serious As Witchcraft or Idol Worship
We Are Those Who Have Died to Sin, Not Antinomians
3 Reasons We Can Overcome Sin: Power, Motive, and Calling
The Most Important Thing

Merciful and Faithful is Our Jesus
2 Steps to Sexual Sin
Is Your Heart Christ's Home?
God's Mercy is Beyond Comprehension
God's Wisdom is More Desirable Than Wealth

Carefully Stitching Scriptures Together
Sexual Sin Is Serious
An Immature View of Judging
Don't Sit in the Prison Cell of Self-Pity
Did God Really Say That About Hair? Yes!

7 Truths From 1 John
The Biblical View of Abortion
God Placed You in My Life
Standing Firm for Jesus Despite Hypocrisy, Hatred, and Censorship
Are You a Signed or Unsigned Masterpiece?

Did Jesus Really Say that about a camel and a needle?
Keeping Spiritually Fit
5 Things To Do When Someone Mistreats You
Did Jesus Really Say That? Well, Slap My Face!
The Bible is Worth the Risk

Trophy Wife Christians

Christian Body Snatchers – Jude 1:23
Don't Think The Best of Yourself, Dear Christian
What the Bible Teaches About Transgenderism
Amazing Faith - The Centurion Understood Authority

Did Jesus Really Say That? Must We Obey Old Testament Laws?
Context Adds Clarity to Scripture
Christianity is an Active Faith, Not a Passive Faith
Shiny Pennies or Heavenly Treasure?
Sometimes God Plans Detours & Delays

Did Jesus Really Say I'm Greater Than John The Baptist?
Don't Believe Anything That Contradicts Scripture
Behind-the-Scene Prayer Warriors
God's Commands Empower Us!
Did Jesus Really Say That to a Sick Man?

The Purpose of Every Believer
4 Things That Happen When We Fail to Repent
Should We Speak Up For Truth?
He Should Have Read the Note in the Bible
Did Jesus Really Say That About Swallowing a Camel?

8 Elements of Repentance & Restoration - Psalm 51
A Guarded Heart, Fully Committed
Salvation through Grace, Good Works through Love
Learn From Him - Matthew 11:28-30

Does Jesus Want Us to Hate Our Parents?

Guilty in the First Degree or Acquitted
Don't Sweat the Storm if You Know Jesus
3 Common Excuses That Are Not Biblical
What Stacking Dolls Have Taught Me - Romans 5:12-19
Did Jesus Really Tell Us to Mutilate Ourselves?

11 Elements of Faith from Hebrews 11
Christ Saves, Comforts, and Offends
Rejoice! The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength! 
Get Out of Yourself!
Did Jesus really call a woman a dog?!

6 Ways to Keep Rooted in The Changing Winds of Culture
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
As Iron Sharpens Iron - Never Give Up!
Let God Write Your Story
Did Jesus Really Say It’s Better to Give God a Small Donation?

Pondering the Example of Joseph
Christ In Us - Our Spiritual DNA
Don't Trust Teachings that Distort God's Word
Attention to Details - Luke 16:10
The Mirror of God's Word

A Message About Healing in 1 Timothy 5:23
Spiritual Toxins
5 Biblical Criteria for Choosing Friends and Heroes
Long Shortcuts -Matthew 7:13
What Scripture Says About Prosperity

The Unique Foundation of Christian Happiness
Bumps in the Road of Life Test Our Faith
Misunderstandings About The Stripes of Jesus 
Preserved, Printed, Precious - God's Word
Do Good Christians Live Sinful Lifestyles?

Murphy Ain't Got Nothin' on Romans 8:28
Christianity is Simple, Complex, and Mysterious
Some Seek the Truth. Some Suppress It.
5 Duties of Christian Warriors
Eternal Gratitude and Great Expectation

God Erases Our Sins
Discuss, Debate, Discredit
Laws, Commands, and Errors
Do You Value What God Values?
I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Without the Bible, We're Lost
Why Quiet Time Is Not Always the Best Name

When One Falls Down
Guard Your Heart
Good Listeners "Shine"

Christians are Life-long Students of Jesus
Did Jesus Really Say That About Jonah?
Guard Against Plank-Eye
5 Ways We Reflect God's Image
Grace and Works, Faith and Obedience

Biblical Guard Rails, Safety Rules, and Exit Ramps
Fasting When You're Still Eating 
God Creates Evil??? No Way! 
Pain - The Gift Nobody Wants 
5 Biblical Ways to Respond to Injustice 

There Are Always Reasons to be Thankful
Name-Calling is for Losers
How to Share Offenses & Apologize Biblically
Whining is a Sign of Unbelief
Delighting in God's Desires

5 Ways God Helps Us Overcome Bad Memories
4 Elements of Healthy Family Relationships 
6 Ways to Stay in the Race 
Ease and Privilege Do Not Produce Great Faith

The Gospel is Not a Buffet

A Misleading Description of God's Love 
Q & A About Unconditional Love 
Scripture Never Calls God's Love Unconditional  
Don't Confuse Persecution With Consequences 
Do You Know Your Burger Better Than Scripture? 

Jesus Always Tips the Scales
Share the Gospel Honestly
Keeping in Step With Christ
Biblical Friendships
Dogs Tell Us Something About Our God

Help Me Want to Want What You Want, Lord
God's Commands Aren't Optional
Wisdom, Joy, Radiance -Psalm 19
The Flu Changed My Perspective on Christmas
Worth Every Minute! 

Shining in the Darkness 
Our Role as Branches in the Vine 
Fire Extinguisher, Hose or Bucket Brigade? 
Let's Not Remain Silent
Collect It Daily