Devotions Addressing Racism

These devotions deal with the subject of racism from a biblical perspective. Some speak directly to the subject and some highlight the faith, forgiveness, and wisdom of persons who have been mistreated because of their race or ethnicity. We must be aware that some people are responding to racism with racism, claiming the white race is inherently evil. Let's learn to love each other in the Lord and set aside bigotry of every kind.

God’s View of Racism

Scripture's point of view and God's point of view. 5 Proofs that God loves all races and nations.


I Must Speak Up 

I have to speak up about the sin of bigotry. It has no place in my country and absolutely no place in the Church. May God forgive us and heal our land.


Productive Stables 

Proverbs 14:4 has an interesting application in ministry, race relations, and life. Enjoy this explanation of this proverb about empty stables. 


The Freedom of a Slave 

This Church, once part of the Underground Railroad, tells an interesting story of faith in the midst of oppression.


Slavery is a Black and White Issue 

Many white Americans have sugar-coated the evil of slavery and the Confederacy. This article contains actual documents showing that Slavery was incredibly evil. This post expands on the information in "The Freedom of a Slave" above.

Uneducated Bigotry

Uneducated bigotry against the Christian faith is resulting in racism and hatred. This devotion explains.


George Washington Carver – He Overcame Evil with Good 

George Washington Carver was a brilliant man with a forgiving heart and deep desire to serve the Lord. He did amazing things even though he was born a slave.


God Revealed the Secrets of the Peanut 

This former slave changed the United States by his prayer to unlock the secrets of the universe. This 1-minute devotion explains.


Get Out of Yourself 

A former slave gives advice that can help all of us get out of our "selfish boxes." This 1-minute devotion explains.


Falsely Imprisoned for 35 Years 

The true story in this 1-minute devotion sounds like the story of Joseph, but it's a modern version and it's true. Wow! the power of forgiveness is amazing. 

The Forgiveness of a Mistreated Slave 

This true story will give you great encouragement to forgive those who have hurt you. 


All Nations, All Races 

The story of the Ethiopian eunuch teaches us an important truth about the wonderful family of God. I pray it blesses you! 

Ruth Overcame Ethnic Prejudice 

Ruth faced ethnic prejudice when she came to Judah with Naomi, but she knew how to deal with it. This 1-minute devotion explains. 

Flags or People? 

No matter what the Confederate flag means to you, it's a symbol of hatred and oppression to many. Out of love for our fellow man, we should not approve it. 

Additional Resources:

We must acknowledge the injustice of racism without falling prey to the unbiblical "Critical Race Theory": 

Alisa Childers and Monique Duson discuss this: Race, Injustice, and the Gospel

The Gospel Coalition: The Incompatibility of Critical Race Theory and Christianity

Mike Winger: Is Critical Race Theory Biblical?

Answers in Genesis: Critical Race Theory in the Church.

These devotions deal with the subject of racism from a biblical perspective.

These devotions deal with the subject of racism from a biblical perspective.

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