Our Perfect God - Psalm 18:30 - We Cannot Imagine A Better God

2 Samuel 22:31, John 3:16
When we create our own gods, they never measure up to the perfection of the true God who offers everyone salvation if they believe...

He was my dad’s friend. I didn’t know him that well.*

He was dying in a hospital close by and I was pretty sure he didn’t know the Lord.

So I went to see him.

He was happy to see me and didn’t seem offended when I moved from small talk to share Christ.

When I finished he said, “If I believed in a god it would be a universal god who saves everyone.”

He seemed to appreciate my visit, but he wasn’t buying my Christianity– not even on his deathbed. He died the following week.

If we made up our own god, most of us might choose a god who saves everyone…well, maybe not Hitler or serial killers. Even we have some standards when we make up our own gods.

Yes, we can imagine our “perfect” god and set our standards, but one day we will be judged by a truly Perfect God, who has perfect standards and offers everyone the only way to be saved (2 Samuel 22:31; Psalm 18:30; John 3:16; Acts 4:12).
*This situation happened over 15 years ago in another city and none of this man's family members knew I had visited him. So I feel comfortable sharing it here.

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