Sharing the Whole Character of God

Sharing the Whole Character of God

If books, movies, television, or popular preachers do some good, should we care if they misrepresent God's character a bit?

Sharing the Whole Character of God Accurately and Biblically Can they accurately present God's grace, love, blessings, or forgiveness while omitting His purity and narrow road salvation?

There's no god better than our God - and no part of Him should be left out. He's full of love but hates sin. He's full of grace but has serious expectations of His children. He forgives but He also rebukes, disciplines, and punishes.

Throughout history, People have presented half-truths about God, insisting they're making God look better (Romans 3:5-8; Romans 6:1-2). But this is the bottom line: if we don't understand our sin, we'll never understand God's grace.

Presenting half-a-god is popular, but half-a-god won't save men's souls or change their hearts.

Let's make sure we accurately understand and share the God of the Bible, Dear Christians. We can't improve on the way God describes Himself in His Word (Hebrews 4:12).


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