Fasting When You're Still Eating

While authorities disagree about the benefits of fasting, many believe it gives the digestive system a needed rest so it can rid itself of toxins. 

Fasting and prayer is certainly Scriptural.(1)

But I want to suggest some fasts that have nothing to do with food – fasts to rid our souls of toxins that may be damaging our spiritual health.

How about:

1. An entertainment fast(2)
Give up Secular TV, movies, books and music for a determined time to regain sensitivity to the ungodly toxins they contain.

2. A spending fast(3)
Refuse to buy anything except necessities for a determined time to regain perspective on the difference between wants and needs.

3. A social media fast(4)
Turn off technology and actively invest in your flesh-and-blood relationships.

4. A noise fast(5)
Try sitting silently with God’s Word and see if the world’s noise has been drowning out His voice.

So what do you think? Do you need to do some fasting?
(1) These are some of the New Testament references to fasting:
Matthew 6:16-18; Luke 4:2-4; Acts 13:2-4; Acts 14:23

(2) These 1-minute devotions might help you ponder your entertainment choices Biblically:
Haunted, No Shades of Grey, Soft-Core Christians.

(3) For helpful 1-minute devotions about material wealth, see the archive of Money & Things.

(4) For helpful 1-minute devotions about relationships, check out the Relationships Archive.

(5) Check out this 1-minute devotion about noise: Cacophony - Psalm 46:10.

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