Let God Write Your Story

Let God Write Your Story - Hebrews 12:2
After forty years as a counselor, Larry Crabb concludes, “The key to living the good life that is available now is to join God’s story, to see life as He sees it and learn to live it as He wants it lived.”(1)

The Bible is God’s story, a story about a God who forgives, sustains, and comforts those who love Him.

It’s a story about the real meaning and purpose of our earthly lives and the surpassing joy of the life to come.

When we join God’s story, our life goals change from pleasing self to pleasing God (Ephesians 5:8-10). 

If our story doesn’t make sense to us (and that often happens), we focus on the Author (Hebrews 12:2). Difficulties no longer hinder our faith. They become opportunities to know and trust Christ more. 

Let’s take a moment today to ask God if we are “on the same page.” If we aren’t, let’s put the pen back in His hands.
(1) Crabb is a well-known counselor, speaker and author. This quote is from the forward of 66 Love Letters, Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2009
This devotion is based on a 2012 1-Minute Bible Love Note called "His Story, Not Mine."

Let God Write Your Story - Hebrews 12:2


  1. I love getting your Bible Love Notes in my inbox. They are short enough for me to stop and read, yet long enough and deep enough to make an impact. Thank You!

  2. Gail- I love these notes. I so enjoy getting them and hearing your conviction and getting both truth and love and grace in my inbox each day. This one caught my eye more than normal because one of the themes in the church I attend here in Los Angeles is that we are “Helping people find their place in God’s Story.” And I wanted to share with you the link to an online bible study we just produced. Yes, we are a little bit Hollywood, we have many talented people here in our ministry (one of our members won one of the technical oscars several years back!!), but the message in this series is pretty amazing. There’s 7 studies here and they’re designed for people just being introduced or re-introduced to a real relationship with Jesus. The website (appropriately) is http://Story.TurningPointLA.org/

    Thank you again for your faith and dedication!!!

    1. Sounds like a great program, Deborah. And thanks so much for your encouragement. I'm glad you enjoy Bible Love Notes.