Who Decides?

Who decides if an innocent person lives or dies? 

This is a collection of devotions that address unborn lives. Does God approve of abortion? These devotions will tell you what Scripture teaches about the life of the unborn.

What Scripture Says About Abortion

Even though the word "abortion" is not found in Scripture, it is clearly addressed. God is not silent or vague when it comes to this important subject. 


Walking, Standing, and Finally Sitting

Psalm 1 talks about the power of evil in our lives and how we can stand firm. This short devotion uses a fitting analogy to point out the reality of abortion.

Would You Have Justified Slavery?

Would you have supported slavery if you'd lived when it was legal? I hope not! But you can be sure of this: if you justify abortion, you would have justified slavery. If you don't agree, I challenge you to read this full devotion carefully and prayerfully. 

Manipulative Ideologies

Pro-abortion advocates call themselves "pro-choice," but this short devotion explains the way they manipulate situations, not to offer women choices but to support their agenda. Let's make sure that we avoid the world's manipulative ideologies and get our facts from God's Word. 


Sophisticated Child Sacrifice

This 1-minute devotion describes the serious sin of abortion, offering prayer for mothers and fathers who need God's forgiveness.


Abortion Victims

Abortion sounds so clinical, but it's a sin that victimizes both baby and mother. This short devotion explains.



Ungodly Amusement

This 1-minute devotion talks about an example of humor based on ungodly practices, things which grieve the heart of God.

The judge Stands Before the Judge

The death of Judge Ginsburg is a good reminder to consider the things that characterize our lives. Nothing shared about the judge in this devotion is slandering. In fact, she was proud of each thing mentioned in this devotion. It's not a political devotion. It's merely a statement of facts viewed in light of Scripture.


From VeggieTales to Situational Ethics

This devotion is a review of a podcast put out by Phil Visher's ministry. Phil is the creator of VeggieTales, but his advice in this video is no laughing matter. I review it because it is a good example of compromising innocent lives for less important gains.


Foolish Excuses

When people argue against the truth, they come up with some strange arguments. The latest pro-abortion argument is both insulting to adopted children and ridiculous. 

It Won't Hold Water

You can detect a false teaching when it is based on a single Old Testament law that is taken out of context and misquoted. This false teaching claims that Exodus 21:22 is God's way of telling us that abortion is no big deal.

Sophisticated Deceptions

Beware of the deceptive rhetoric used by pro-abortion activists. Realize how much it resembles rhetoric supporting slavery.

Beware of the "scare tactics" Satan uses to advance his ungodly goals. This 1-minute devotion explains.  

At age 71, I want to thank my momma for life and LIFE. Please take a moment and let me explain in this short devotion. 

Some wonderful truths about God's love for us before we even saw the light of day. 

This short devotion addresses one of many ridiculous excuses for allowing abortion. Sadly, it's an excuse sometimes used by Christians.

It's so important to understand that culture approves things which are ungodly and destructive.

Romans 1:16-32 talks about the increase in wickedness and tells us something about the unsaved world. This 1-minute devotion explains.

We must graciously and firmly correct these two excuses about abortion.

Beware of Satan's popular lies. This 1-minute devotion offers 4 pertinent examples, including one about abortion.

Each person makes this choice and it's a life-changing decision. In fact, it's a life and death decision.

This short devotions starts with the fact that doctors once thought there was no reason to wash their hands when examining multiple patients and shares other areas where majority opinion is deadly.

A Foster-care worker explained to me why it was important to have unrestricted abortion, and what he actually did was prove the abortion only made problems worse.

This 1-minute devotion explains some facts that should put every Christian on our knees praying that God will forgive our nation and restore us to humane treatment of all people.

Imagine if people made abortion excuses for other crimes. This 1-minute devotion offers an excellent example.

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