Fire Extinguisher, Hose or Bucket Brigade?

Practical Steps for Dealing with Sins that Burn our Souls

When small fires erupt on a stove top, it’s great to have a fire extinguisher to put them out quickly. 

The same is true for sinful temptations – sparks of lust, bitterness, discouragement, anger, stinginess, gluttony, arrogance, worry, etc.

My "sin-extinguisher" is prayer and Scripture memorized or read aloud.

Sometimes I let sparks grow into flames and I need a "hose." I set my "fire alarm" and stop at least every hour to pray and recite several pertinent Scriptures.

Unfortunately, there are times that I’ve let the fire rage past extinguisher and hose stage. Then I call in the “bucket brigade.” 

I still use the hose but also ask friends to pray for me and/or remind me of Biblical truths. 

What things most often ignite sin in your heart? Take some time today to prepare a fire extinguisher.(1)

If you’re past the sparks stage, prepare a hose or call your bucket brigade.

Our love for Jesus compels us to put out these fires (Romans 8:12-13).
(1) Memorize or write out some Scriptures that address your sin and keep them handy.

Here are some other 1-minute devotions about this concept that you might find helpful:
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