God Doesn't Smile When His Children Misbehave

God Doesn't Smile When His Children Misbehave

Many years ago, I had a neighbor who never disciplined her child. When he ran through my house doing things he shouldn't, she'd sweetly ask him to stop. 

He never obeyed, and her only response was to smile as if there were nothing she could do. She never punished him even when he did something harmful.

God Doesn't Smile When His Children Misbehave - He Loves Us Too Much for That.She loved her child and showered him with affection, but in reality, her parenting harmed her son. 


Because she wasn’t teaching her son discipline, self-control, respect, and patience. She was helping him become demanding, whiny, and unpopular, setting him up for future failure.

I mention this because there is an emphasis in the modern church to think of God as having the same character as this mother. Everyone loves to emphasize God’s love and concern, but mention His discipline, punishment, righteous anger, and expectations, and people get upset.

But Scripture makes it clear that if we run through this world like naughty children, we'll forfeit opportunities and rewards, and God will discipline and punish us. 

He loves us too much to do otherwise (Hebrews 12:5-11).
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  1. Hi Gail, yes and amen!!!!
    God bless

  2. Great post! I see so many parents do this. Maybe not to the extreme because they would go insane, but making lots of excuses and feeding the cycle of tantrums by comforting instead of correcting. My kids aren't well behaved because I got lucky and left them to their own devices.

  3. Oh my goodness, can I understand this! I work as a high school secretary. I love my job, but dealing with some of our students, and their parents, can be a stressful. Some of the students can be out of control; the parents cry because they have no control and ask us what they can do. Most times, it's because they didn't take control, when the kids was younger. Or the kid is given free range, to do whatever they like now, so they see no point in being told what to do here at school. They have not respect for authority. The attitude of the students, and parents, when they get into trouble can be horrible; "it's our fault", too many times, rather than the students fault. It's sad to see this. It's scary to see this. So, I do all I can; I pray!

  4. The fact is God entrusts us with our children. And in obediance some of us are able to grasp His love for us also.
    I, like a child may not always like His discipline but at some point understand and most of all trust His plans are far better and beneficial then what mine could ever be.
    I think the questuon we should sometimes ask ourselves is how much do we love God?


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