Devotions by Subject 2

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Quiet Time Tips 
A series of 1-minute devotions offering practical ideas and inspiration for adding joy and meaning to your quiet time.

False Teachings: Devotions that address some of the popular false teachings.  

Honoring Parents: These devotions explain the importance of honoring our parents and the blessings it can bring.

1-minute devotions using food analogies to share God's Wisdom. 

Half-Truths Many Christians BelieveThese devotions address a number of misunderstandings being taught in modern Christianity.

God's Wonderful Creation: Devotions that help us appreciate the beautiful world God created for us.


These devotions deal with the subject of racism from a biblical perspective. 

The Wonderful Psalms: One-minute devotions based on passages from the Psalms.

Jeremiah: These devotions share some wonderful, interesting, and relevant truths from the life and preaching of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.

💙 Hearts 💙

The Bible has lots to say about hearts. These 1-minute devotions address various biblical truths concerning hearts!

The Heresy of Universal Salvation: These devotions talk about the false teachings that claim all people will be saved.

Christian Marriage Devotions: These devotions share biblical truths and encouraging insights about marriage.

Beware of Ex-vangelical Teachings

False teachings called "Progressive Christian" or "Ex-vangelical." 

Accepting Correction: one-minute devotions that stress the importance of correction in our walk of faith.

Judging Biblically and Overcoming Misunderstandings about Judgment: Think the Bible tells us not to judge? Think again.

Overcoming Adversity

These one-minute devotions can help you navigate difficult times biblically.

To Encourage the Discouraged: If you need some encouragement, these devotions will help!

Improving Relationships Biblically: these devotions share insights for creating healthy relationships.

Overcoming Bitterness

These devotions can help us forgive and live victoriously.

Forgiveness: These one-minute devotions share some incredible examples of forgiveness.

Quiet Time Tips: These devotions share practical ideas for making your time with the Lord more meaningful.

Clutter, Time, Organization, Stewardship

These devotions discuss priorities and clutter in our spiritual lives.

God's Love: These devotions explore various aspects of God's incredible love for us.

Contentment: These devotions talk about the importance of contentment from a Biblical perspective.

Inner Beauty

These devotions discuss the importance of having a beautiful heart and soul.

Grandparenting: These devotions address various aspects of biblical grandparenting. I think you'll enjoy some of the examples.

Self-Esteem: These devotions debunk some of the popular beliefs about self-esteem and explain the Bible's approach to feeling good about ourselves.

These devotions offers insights and important truths about God's Word.

Hard Questions: These devotion cover some of those questions we have about God and faith, questions that are not easily understood.

Sharing Christ: These devotions address various aspects of sharing our faith with others.

The Biblical View of Healing

Overcoming false teachings and misunderstandings.

Discovering, Developing, and Using Your Gifts: These devotions encourage us to do those things which God designed us to do.

Overcoming Temptation: We all can use the help these devotions offer.

Wisdom from Proverbs

These devotions are based on passages in the book of Proverbs.

Overcoming Worry: From time to time, most of us need to be reminded of the truths in these devotions.

Atheism and Other False Religions: These short devotions address false religions, "Christian cults," and atheism.

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