The Flu Changed My Perspective on Christmas

How Being Sick Gave Me a New Perspective

I had my plans: get all my Christmas projects started the first week in December while my husband visited his parents. 

Then I got the flu.

How Being Sick Gave Me a New Perspective
Instead of wearing my shopping shoes, I wore jammies for a week.

The tree stood undecorated, my holiday sewing and decorating projects sat in idle stacks. 

When I felt like eating, I barely had energy to prepare my own food, let alone bake and freeze for the holidays like I'd planned.  

It hit me where I lived: What is Christmas really about? 

Is it dependent on getting all these projects done? 

Or is it a time to slow down and reflect, a time to do those things that are meaningful to me and my family without getting so stressed, buying so much, eating so much, expecting so much?

This Christmas, let's not let our projects get in the way of seeking Christ first (Matthew 6:33).
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  1. Hope you are doing better!
    Merry Christmas. Looking forward to visiting your blog in the New Year.

  2. I trust in the Lord you feel good, with new strength to receive the new year with your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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