Pondering the Example of Joseph

Overcoming Bitter, Toxic Thoughts by Pondering the Example of Joseph
Recently I woke up with bitter thoughts, remembering the injustice of a loved one and having arguments with them in my thoughts.

It’s a terrible thing to wake up "toxic."

I caught myself, took my thoughts captive, and began pondering one of my heroes – Joseph.

He suffered great cruelty at the hands of his brothers, but he forgave them, helped them, even spoke kindly to them. He knew it was God’s job to deal with them (Genesis 50:19) and he knew God was in the business of using sinners for the good of His children (Genesis 50:20).

I don’t believe Joseph deeply trusted his older brothers(1), nor did he favor them as he did Benjamin who had not betrayed him (Genesis 43:34 and 45:22). 

Overcoming Bitter, Toxic Thoughts by Pondering the Example of JosephBut he never tried to repay them for their cruelty. He knew that was God’s job. Instead, he returned good for the evil they had done to him (Genesis 50:21).

Are you struggling with an injustice? Join me in asking God’s help in following the example of our brother Joseph.
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(1) There is good reason to believe that Joseph’s brothers never genuinely repented. Scripture seems to reveal that they repented for fear of the consequences, not for sorrow over what they’d done to Joseph, and that isn't genuine repentance (Genesis 50:15-17). See Did His Brothers Ever Really Repent?

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  1. Oh wow. How many of those conversations don't I have with those people that I know did me wrong. And they ARE NOT SORRY. But my anger boils in me. And I have so many good answers and things to say to them. Thank you for this post - straight to my heart..... His word is for our correction and I thank God we still in a place where he accepts our repentance and the grace we have to do so and be saved.

  2. A good example, indeed. Thanks for sharing this, Gail!

  3. Needed this. Thank you, Gail, for being used of God to deliver messages in His perfect timing!


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