Are You Willing to Address Scriptural Contradictions in The Chosen?

Are you willing to honestly address Scriptural errors in The Chosen or have you lost your objectivity?

If we're going to maintain our discernment, we must be willing to address Scriptural contradictions wherever we find them, even when they are mixed in with some very good Scriptural truths. 

Like the Bereans, our first loyalty should be with the accurate presentation of God's Word (Acts 17:11). 

None of these posts warn you against watching The Chosen. Instead, they warn you to address the errors instead of excusing, defending, or overlooking them. 

This is important in every area of life, whether it's something taught in a Bible study or presented in a movie. It's essential in maintaining our discernment and an accurate understanding of the gospel.

If it makes you angry to have something in The Chosen questioned, you are letting down your guard and putting yourself in a position to accept more serious false teaching.

Before writing these posts, I confirmed the actual events and listened to Dallas' Jenkins video explanations. These posts address things which contradict Scripture. 

I was asked by one of my readers why I'm writing about the errors in The Chosen but not addressing the good aspects. Great question. There are thousands of articles and videos praising the good aspects of The Chosen and very few addressing the errors. In addition, Dallas Jenkins' beliefs about Mormonism give me serious doubts about his ability to correctly represent Jesus in his mini-series. And he has already defended some significant Scriptural contradictions in his script. Therefore, I will reserve my overall opinion about the show until it's completed. At this point, I have too many concerns to feel comfortable recommending it.

Amazing Contradictions: Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen

If you want to maintain your discernment and respect for God's Word, beware of these contradictions.

For a brief overview of the reasons we should be cautious when watching The Chosen, see Be Careful that You Don't Let The Chosen Affect Your Discernment.

For a more detailed look at the The Chosen project see: Use Discernment When Watching the Chosen.

For an in-depth Scriptural evaluation of a significant error in The Chosen see Why Scripture Refutes The Chosen's "I Am the law of Moses" Statement

Or watch the 12-minute video Let's Talk about The Chosen's "I Am the Law of Moses" Statement.

Approaching "Christian Entertainment" With Wisdom and Prayer offers further insights and explains the importance of understanding the back story in The Jesus Revolution so you can respond to misunderstandings about homosexual behavior. 
John the Baptist was uniquely humble and godly. Christ greatly respected John. Please be aware of The Chosen's false view of John's attitude toward Christ and Christ's attitude toward John. 
It might sound crazy, but this devotion makes an important point using an analogy about pancakes! And it has to do with The Chosen.

The Chosen mini-series is fast becoming an idol for many Christians. This devotion addresses the producer's and actors' defense of a cameraman who displayed a gay pride emblem on set. It is the detailed follow-up to the 1-minute devotion above.

Or watch this 8-minute video regarding the gay flag on set: The Chosen: Gay Pride Compromise.
This short devotion warns us about common excuses that lead to compromise and deception.

Are you willing to honestly address Scriptural errors in The Chosen or have you lost your objectivity?

Are you willing to honestly address Scriptural errors in The Chosen or have you lost your objectivity?

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