6 Practical Ideas For Energizing Your Faith Walk

Keeping your faith vibrant
I asked readers for Practical Ideas to Keep Our Walk With the Lord Energized and here are some of their great ideas:
In parenthesis I've shared devotions with similar content.

1. When I can’t sleep, instead of praying to fall asleep (which never works for me), I start praying for others until I fall asleep. ~ Emily (Singing in the Shadow)
2. I’ve taught myself to “pray throughout the day whenever God prompts. It takes time to build this habit, but it’s now part of my daily life. ~ Linda ("Have You Folded Any Socks Lately?")
3. Before my feet touch the ground each morning, I praise Jesus. (Rise and Shine)
4. I “write Scripture creatively.”  (Bible Journaling & Learning Styles)
5. I’ve stopped listening to any music that doesn’t glorify God. ~ Marcia (Music Appreciation & Shout)
6. When I walk my dogs I pray for the people in each house I pass. ~ Tracy (Praying for Those in Your Path)

I summarized the ideas for the sake of space and I've put names on the ideas when the reader shared their name. I hope you enjoy these. I have more reader ideas coming in future devotions! If you haven't shared an idea but would like to, please let me know.

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