Scripture Debunks This Popular Quote About Hell

Scripture Debunks This Popular Quote About Hell - Men Don't Send Themselves

Men choose to reject God, but they don't send themselves to hell. God sends them.
Sometimes we downplay aspects of God's character, thinking we're making Him sound better!

For example: “God doesn’t send anyone to hell. People choose hell for themselves.”

That's like saying parents don't punish naughty children. Naughty children punish themselves. 

If I'm afraid to say that God sends men to hell, am I suggesting that a good God wouldn't do such a thing? I know that's not true because my perfect, loving God proclaims He will do it.

Scripture Debunks This Popular Quote About Hell - Men Don't Send ThemselvesIf a man rejects God, hell is his consequence, but God is the One who will throw him into it (Revelation 20:15).

So if God is not ashamed to say He will send men to hell, neither should I be.  I can't make God more popular by ignoring His wrath.

I was spared from God's wrath by believing Him, so I'm going to believe everything He says, whether about heaven or hell, rewards or punishments. He knows best how to explain Himself.

(See Matthew 10:28; Luke 12:5; Hebrews 10:26-31; 2 Peter 2:4-10).

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Scripture Debunks This Popular Quote About Hell - Men Don't Send Themselves


  1. Hi everyone I'm new to this group and I am a lover of GOD's word. This subject is very close to my heart. While many religious leaders of today make sure their flock knows of Jesus sacrifice and how he is the only path to GOD, they have forgotten to inform us of who our adversary is. So while the body of Christ slowly forgets they even have an adversary, Satan and the evil spirits who reside on this earth (Jesus cast many of these out of human bodies) are seeping in everywhere. Television programs are a perfect example of this with sparkling vampires, misunderstood demons, Lucifer just wanting to be a good guy, even in kids cartoons we now find demons. These actions have allowed for the last 2 generations to be so descensitized to the evil spirits in our world that they no longer fear them but actually feel empathy for them.

  2. Thank you for this love note,I've probably said the same thing myself about people choosing hell for themselves,will know better in future.xx


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