Lists, Tips, Ideas

These 1-minute devotions offer lists, tips, and ideas to draw you closer to the Lord and help you deal Biblically with life. Enjoy!

5 Ways Christ-Followers Follow

8 Statements Christians Should Make Everyday

5 Ways to Make Your Personal Bible Study More Meaningful

9 Disciplines of Growing in Christ

7 Claims of False Teachers

5 Tips for Slaying Giants

3 Steps for Discerning God's Will

6 Christians Rules of Speech

3 Ways to Comfort a Hurting Friend

5 Ways to Restore Your Fervor for Christ

3 Mysteries of Faith

7 Truths from 1 John

4 Biblical Secrets

8 Ways to Walk Closer to the Lord




  1. Love your 1 minute Bible Love Notes. It would be great to be able to download the cards. Just a suggestion

    1. Hi anne-marie. I'm not sure I understand - which card are you referring to? God bless.

  2. Do you perhaps have an article about feathers? People talk about when they see white feathers, it's their angeld that sent it. I read somewhere it is not biblical. I just read a lady's testimony and she spoke of these little white feathers.

    1. I don't have any devotions about feathers. I've never heard anything about people seeing feathers. I don't think it would be supported in Scripture though.

  3. Do you have anything about Sabbath day?

    1. Yes:
      Is One Day Holier than Another:

      I also recommend Got Questions article here: