5 Ideas for Studying the Bible

5 Ideas for Studying the Bible
5 Ideas for improving your Bible study time:

1. Do a word study.
For example, use a concordance* and read every use of "heart" in Scripture. Give yourself as long as it takes (weeks?) to read each passage and write something that it reveals about your heart, God's heart or the hearts of others.

2. Do a topic study.
It's important not to base our views about something on a single Scripture, but find everything Scripture reveals about a subject. For example, you could study all the passages on prayer by using a topical Bible. I encourage you to read Understanding Prayer in Context to see how important a topical study can be.

3. Use the "8x8 Method." 
Read a passage 8 times a day for 8 days to let it sink into your spirit. (8x8 Details)

4. Memorize key passages. 
As God's words sink into your heart, you will better understand their meaning. (6 Ways to Memorize)

5. Study with a friend or group. 
There's always strength in numbers to keep your study on track. (More about benefits of community)

"How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!" Proverbs 16:16

* A Bible concordance is an alphabetical list of words in the Bible. You can find concordances for different English translations since the actual words vary from one translation to another (although they are all translations of original Greek or Hebrew words). Perhaps the most famous concordance is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance  first published in 1890 but still used today. It lists the location of every word that is found in the KJV to include the word "the."
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5 Ideas for Studying the Bible


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