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1-Minute Bible Love Notes 2016
Monday's devotions are featured in a Bible study on Bite Size Bible Study 

God is Looking--surrounded by so many neo-narcissists

My New Year's Prayer--good things to think about
Eat the Comb--how this is sweeter than honey
Kick 'Em When They're Down--three things to do when you're hurting
Saving Grace versus Saving Face--integrity isn't about saving face
Calvinism and Hobbism--one "Calvinist" we can all agree with

How to Spot a Narcissist--it's easy--like fishing in a barrel
300 Uses for the Peanut--grasping the secrets of the universe
Faith is a Walk--choose the narrow path
Pray for Them--the best thing for a hurting friend
What Would You Have Done?--they don't always understand

A Fun Word Study--way to enhance your personal Bible study
My Compliments to the Ultimate Candy-Maker--God makes Himself known
Arguing With Success--Biblical success may look different
Faith is a Race--how to run the daily marathon of life
Being Real--it's not always best to be "safe"

9 Disciplines of Growing Christians--God's grace doesn't exempt us from hard work
According to God's Word--can we love God without obeying Him?
Seek God Wholeheartedly--how you can function in His wisdom and strength
Keep the Faith--don't lower God's standards to fit your lifestyle
Hiding God's Word--when hiding isn't concealing

Being God's Student--let Him be the teacher
Speak His Words--His Words bring life
Enjoying Obedience--how joy comes from the hard acts
Consider God's Ways--make sure your focus is correct
Never Neglect God's Word!--how to create a "time budget"

We Stand at the Crossroads--how to move forward beyond ourselves
Blind But Seeing--God gives spiritual sight
Over Thinking--develop "God thoughts"
Too Laid Back--avoid denying or ignoring problems
Time and Time Again--it's not always the bad choices that trip us up

Understanding Truth--know what the Bible teaches
The Most Famous Trash-Talker--Satan is the ultimate trash-talker
Being Teachable--steps to taking sin seriously
My Father's Arms--handicapped by your human condition?
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words--word pictures help us know God better

Where's Your Bank--how your heart affects your treasure
God's Unseen Footprints--facing impossible situations
Faithful in Prayer--how you can be a prayer warrior
Broken Hearts--hope in hard situations
My Secret Home--where do you go when trouble comes?

 6 Reasons to Pray Colossians 1:9--want to knock your socks off?

We Can Afford It--God make us grateful and contented
It's Speaking--how the heavens declare the glory of God
Transforming Our Minds--discover how to make it happen
Out of Love--don't make the same choices as the wisest king on earth

That's All You Get!--choose the source of your rewards wisely
Bad Blood--see how Joseph can show you the way to overcome
Becoming versus Being--what do "works" have to do with it?
What True Love Isn't--might not be what you think it is
Man's Greatest Temptation--and it's not money

God-Breathed--the character of God's Word
Imagine You Were Joseph--believe in your dreams
True Love Hates--sounds like an oxymoron
Love Overcomes Evil--areas for improvement
Is God Fun?--He adds "fun" to our lives

Soft Grandpa or Hard Teacher? Neither!--you need to understand God's true character
Victim or Victor?--do what Joseph did
Popular Persecution-- did you know you're an "extremist"
Precious Predictions--God declared His plan for thousands of years
My Favorite Friday--an incredibly sad day, but Sundays coming

Rock-Dwellers--what describes your faith?
I Doubt They Genuinely Repented--God can use any any offense for your good
5 Cautions When Making Decisions--will it hurt or help my faith?
Not Even One--it makes Him, not us worthy of esteem

A Foolish Contradiction?--how to deal with fools

No Fear--difference between good fear and bad fear
Faith In What Will Be--hold on
Lives Are at Stake--be deliberate in growth
Short List--David gets it, Saul didn't
Stand Firm--Cain's life as a warning

Godly Fear--three aspects of God's character
5 Characteristics of "God Fearers"--steps to a healthy fear of God
He Overcame Evil--George Washington Carver did it
Pressing On--5 ways to maturity in Christ
Who's Your Hero?--who you should admire

Anger - A Serious Sin--two steps to conquer sin
Faithful Friend--don't let God become a duty
5 Hidden Purposes--broaden your perspective
You're Not Done Yet!--meaningful work at any age
Keep Struggling--"struggle" for someone you know

4 Misunderstandings About Following Jesus--learn what Scripture says
That's Not Jesus--you can find Him in the Bible
"Solid Food" Faith--milk is not enough
The Culture Cure--avoid a dangerous situation
Still Our Biggest Problem--sin or God's Word, not both

Don't Be Deceived--how to recognize error
The Controlling "Old Woman"--don't let your guard down
One More Chance-love and obey, it's critical
Not An Excuse--we've become a nation of Absaloms
Be Strong--what do crows have to do with it?

Fill the Closet--the one thing we need in our closet
8 Steps for Overcoming Bitterness--bitterness destroys, but God restores
A Note on the Frig--a reminder of where we are going
Green--God's message in His creation
The Color Scarlet--what Rahab's cord and Jesus have in common

Final Judgement--why does this happen?
Walk Away from Discouragement!--lies we tell ourselves
4 Ways to Stimulate Wholesome Thinking--the Bible tells us how
Self-Image--how to avoid the wrong view of ourselves
It's Friday--and it's not just Easter

5 Ways God Speaks--every day He speaks these ways
Whose Heart Desires?--it's not all about you
Loving Discipline--does God punish and rebuke?
Sit Still!--what to do when you're in the tunnel
Secret Strength--do you know the secret?

5 Ways Satan Speaks--be careful, it can sound a lot like God
Didn't Want To Do It, But Did It Anyway--might not change them, but it might you

The Name--Jesus, the Name above all names
Bible Journaling--be creative in your own way
Marathon Training--are you training for the race

A Trophy For Everyone?--not in God's order
God's Love Notes Can Ward Off Dementia--keep your brain active
Poor Reflection--sharpen your reflection
Make A Joyful Noise--inside and outside
You Are God's Coin--give to God what is God's

Tearing Down Strongholds--God's weapons are different
The Prostitute--Rahab's story gives everyone hope
Taking Thoughts Captive--deal with your strongholds too
Godly Counselors--who can we trust?
Honoring God--it's not just about you

Hate Crimes: 4 Biblical Principles--how we should act, according to the Bible
She Had A Past And A Future--what's Rahab got to do with it?
6 Good Prayers From the Epistles--praying Scripture has benefits
Planks and Holes--the Great Physician can restore spiritual vision
Tickets and Laws--the Law makes us conscious of sin

If MY People--don't miss God's focus in this
Our Personal Passover--Christians have a "scarlet cord" too
Keep Your Tourist Visa--where is your citizenship?
Bank on it!--a heavenly bank account with eternal rewards

First Place--we become like our idols

Your Place in History--you are here for a reason
Re-focus--selfies are becoming dangerous
The Comfort of the Psalms--a good answer if you are struggling
Ignoring the Evidence--find out about the hardest of all truths to grasp
Misplaced Self-Confidence--beware of Gibeonites in your life

Why Does Satan Have Power?--find out what Scripture says
Crumbling Foundations--safety of the Lord vs. deceptions of the world
Seventy-Nine Percent--we should proclaim the Good News
Faithful and Just!--let's keep short accounts
Just One--God does not want robot love

God's Words Create!--what about evolution and creation?
Life Expectancy and Ephesians 2:10--the best legacy we can leave behind
Why Do We Suffer for Adam's Sins--he was our representative
"It's Not Fair!"--how to put earthly hardships in perspective
Open Wide Your Mouth--some times we ask too little

Power Lines--what do God and electricity have in common?
Even the Smell of Coffee--don't let "strong smells" alter your "spiritual chemistry"
God Uses Bad People--the Bible is better than any "reality show"
Those Who Suffer--because God comforts us, we can comfort others
No Regrets--ask Him how we can minister to those in need

Shame, Guilt, Conviction--conviction of sin is a result of shame and sorrow
Give and Gain--God looks for generosity, not stinginess
Rabbit Ears--get rabbit ears for spiritual things
Which Yoke?--how we deal with this difficult time in spiritual history
Truth in Love--how you say it is as important as what you say

Who Do You Say I Am?--don't interpret Jesus by our culture
90% of the Time We're Wrong--lay your problems at Jesus' feet today
I'm Not Listening--when God stops listening
Less is More--Jesus sees what we keep as well as what we give
Saints or Sinners?--we are a work in progress

Facing the Enemy--you can "hide" in His wisdom and comfort
Crazy Joy!--you can have joy in the midst of trials
You Intended to Harm Me--how to get 50/20 vision
How's That Working For You?--that's not a Biblical question
Not Just The Easy Parts--you must teach it all

Twisted Scripture--beware of selfish interpretation
Lousy Lovers--genuine love is not automatic
5 Requirements of Prayer--prayer is both simple and complex
Aggressive Renewal--a process that continues daily
Do the "Impossible"--God calls us beyond ourselves and our strength

Three Warnings--three attitudes that can affect our faith
Unintentional People--Selfishness requires no forethought
Transformed or Conformed?--why some Christians mature and some don't

Attitude Adjustment--the best way to get one
Cacophony--silence might be just the vacation your brain needs

Unconscionable--why we have a weak conscience
Beatin' the Blues--your focus: yourself or others?
Emotion, Logic, or God's Word?--non-Biblical beliefs are hard to overcome
Love, Works, and Obedience--does Jesus love His children without expectations?
What if they find out?--repentance is enormously important to God

Nobody's Business--how to help get them back on the right path
Are You in Training?--how to run the race to win
Let God Use Your Sorrows--3 reasons God allows hardship in our lives
Sugar-Coated Truth--2 tips for determining correct Bible verse application
The 100 Year Old Man--are you more worried about man's opinions than God's?

12 Reasons Jesus Came--can you guess them all?
I Can Be an Elephant--forgetting is important to moving forward
5 Keys to Trusting God Wholeheartedly--straight paths might not mean smooth ones
God Says, Man Says--how God's ways are opposite man's normal reactions
So Many Voices--all false religions are born from this lie

Pieces Parts--context is king
Old Letters in the Attic--study God's letters
By Heart--hide God's Word in your heart
God's Incredible Patience--we get more chances than we deserve
Every Path Does Not Lead to God--if they are all true, none of them are true

God Punishes--He knows what's best for us
Refuge in the Lord--He rescued us from the death penalty
Messy Details--don't fixate on the few messy details
Give Careful Thought to Your Ways--an important life principle in Haggai
Allowing for Differences--sometimes we come to different conclusions

2 Ways to Maintain Healthy Thinking--practical ways to deal with life
Generation NeXt--who influenced you and who have you influenced?
4 Ways Christians Can Stand Firm in a Declining Nation--we can't do it ourselves
What it Means to "Pray in Jesus' Name"--it's not just a magic phrase
It Does Matter What Christians Do!--no casual attitude toward our God

Biblical Judgement: 5 Errors--let's follow Jesus, not culture
The Comfort of Psalm 23--indescribable comfort
Viral Video: Small Boy Memorizing Scripture A-Z--worth watching
6 Desires of Christ-Followers--we need them all
Benefits of Praying Philippians 1:9-11--lead to terrific benefits

Discipline, Punishment, Condemnation--need to know the differences
Bitterness is a Spiritual Cancer--God's "chemotherapy"
Fearing the Lord Keeps Us in the Race--don't leave your growth in Christ to chance
Obedience to God Is a Joy--how fear can lead to joy
To Fear or Not To Fear - That is the Question--God is fair, just and loving

3 Lies Some Christians Believe - Entitlement, Self-Esteem, Expectations--set the record straight

9 Things Being Replaced By Technology--not all words are created equal
All Thing's In Christ's Strength--we can't do all things
Dealing With Existential Angst--our lives are not pointless
God Forgave Our Debt--are you grateful for what God has done?

God Calls Us To Die Before We Live--some things are worth dying for
Worry is Based on a Small View of God--don't exaggerate your own problems
Just Say "No!" to Sin - Titus 2:11-14--God's grace teaches us
Lies Some Christians Believe - All Sins Are The Same--we need to understand God's character
Holy Awe - John 1:27--don't lose sight of our magnificent Lord

The 10 Most Popular Books of the Bible--what are your favorites?
Indeed, the Very Hairs of Your Head are Numbered--put your hope in a God who loves you
Our Part and God's Part in Christian Growth - Philippians 2:12-13--it takes both
Lies Some Christians Believe - The Focus of Scripture is Me--make your focus right
Standing Against the Winds of Adversity - Acts 27--are there storms in your life?

Will They Know We Are Christians By Our Love?--can we agree to disagree?
I Can Be Selfish, But Jesus is Helping Me Change--we must do something about our sin
Scripture Stresses Thankfulness - A Collection of Thanksgiving Scriptures--overflow!

Good Friday and Black Friday - A Comparison Worth Pondering--both have good and bad sides
Tolerance Isn't Approval or Agreement - Luke 9:26--a word often misused
Spiritual Atrophy-Spiritual Muscles Require Exercise-Hebrews 5:13-14--exercise to grow
I Find Joy in Your Commands, Lord-Even in the Midst of Sorrow--sorrow or blessings

Errors Some Christians Believe: Proverbs 22:6 Promises Godly Children--promise or principle
Ephesians 5:8-13-Glowing, Growing, Knowing, Seeing, Fleeing--we should do these
If You Call Jesus a Prophet, You Must Call Him God - He Proclaimed It!
Let's Use the Word "Awesome" for God, Not Ourselves
Hard Things Can Be Good Things When They Produce Growth-Hebrews 12:5-7
Errors Some Christians Believe: 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a Promise
Not All Promises in Scripture Will Be Fulfilled On Earth - 1 Corinthians 15:24-29

In Heaven We'll Be Home At Last - Hebrews 11:13-16
Practicing Gratefulness - Overcoming Negativity - Philippians 4:8
Our Hearts Are At Home With the Lord - Luke 12:34 
Jesus Is Creator - He Was Not Created - John 1:1-14
Joseph Let God Be God - Genesis 50:19

Are You a Bottle-Fed Christian or A Meat-Eating Christian? Hebrews 5:13-14
3 Aspects of Honoring Parents - Initiative, Interest, and Priority - Matthew 15:1-9
Challenges Can Be Opportunities for Gaining Character and Wisdom
Errors Some Christians Believe - God Promises Worldly Comfort and Worldly Security
Let Us Never Forget What It Cost Jesus To Come Into A World That Hated Him

Have Christians Forgotten How Much God Hates Sin? Romans 6:1-4
God Isn't Hiding - He's Anxious To Be Found - Jeremiah 29:13
Let Your Heartaches Heal - Give Them to God
Mary and Joseph Were Promised Soul-Piercing Pain - Luke 2:22-40
When Reality Isn't Reality - Hebrews 11:1

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