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"Even the Dirt is Clean!"
When God Speaks to Your Heart

Do You Believe it?
Living Proof of Romans 8:28
The Roman Steps

Bible Battle Strategy
4 Things to Do When We Blow It
Square Pegs

Are You Losing Blessings?
Beware of Slandering Your Brother
Living in the Midst of Deceiption 

Jeremiah's Boast
Paul's Boast

Sophisticated Child Sacrifice

Modern Deceptions
Who Determines Your Morals?
Invalid Arguments 

I'm Glad God Doesn't Make Sense to Me
Straining Gnats
Who is this Guy Sosthenes?

When Loved Ones Aren't Saved
Six Dreams that Came True 
Only a Dreamer! 

Savior from What? 
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Pagan Influences

Remembering the Bad Times
Is One Day Holier than Another?
Christ's Solution for Avoiding Burn-Out

"Thank You" or "I Know"?
Hang in There! 
More Useful to God

Believing Both Verses
Transformation, Not Information
The Spirit "He," Not "It"

Do you want to just barely escape?
When to Fight and When to be Still 
A Great Crowd Cheering Us On

Paul's Advice When Slandered
Not Words, Power
Beware of Hyper-Grace Teachings

Manipulative Ideologies
Does God Change His Mind: Nineveh
God's View of Racism

Is It a Sin?
A Small Seed of Rebellion
Keeping Watch with Jesus

Stubbornly Wrong
3 Questions Every Christian Must Answer
Does God Change His Mind: Hezekiah

No One to Blame but Ourselves!
A Common Misunderstanding about Consequences
Does God Change His Mind: Polygamy

There's No Doubt About Christ's Deity
5 Elements of Genuine Love
"Dead" People Expect Persecution

Does God Change His Mind: Genesis 6
Green Tea and Fried Tarantulas
"Dead" People Have New Purposes

Trust Scripture or Become Your Own God
6 Ways God Rewards Faithfulness
"Dead" People Love Purity

Don't Fear Speaking Up
The formerly racist god
"Dead" People Have Passion

The Right and Wrong Way to Quote "Judge Not"
Paul Despaired of Life
"Dead" People Have a Different Perspective

Do You Want Reconciliation?
I'm Pressing On, But I'm Not There Yet
The Good News and the Bad News

10 Facts About False Teachers
Safe Sex
From Pain to Praise

Fake News and Good News
What's on your bucket list?
Those Who Don't Particularly Care

Our "Edomite" Brothers
When Life is Less than Ideal
Grateful, Joyous, Godly Laughter

His Love Knows No Bounds
The Deadly Path of Compromise
Saying "No" to Ministry

Are You Enjoying "Popular Pornography"?
More Than I Could Have Imagined 
Eight Years of Good from Bad

When Hardship is a Privilege
Faith is Full of Contrasts
7 Aspects of Christian "Success"

6 Aspects of Godly Sorrow
When People Abandon Faith

How Dare They Correct Me!

Holding, Folding, Walking, Running
When Destructive Sins are Celebrated
Why People "Fall Away"

Christ's Complete Fulfillment of the Law
Second Class Gift?
Ex-vangelicals: Rejecting Scripture

3 Disastrous Attitudes
Pointing Fingers at Hypocrites
Voices from the Great Cloud of Witnesses

Popular Evolution, Unpopular Creation
Dealing with Adversity
Taken Captive by Hollow Deception

Designed Discontent 
Clanging Gongs
The Word Homosexual in Scripture

Don't Be Misled 
My Husband Hates Raisins
God's Remnant People

A Serious "Christian Feminist" Error
Weak Faith and Broken Families 
The Destroying Monsters of Jealousy and Envy

Believing God's Word is Inerrant
When People Rejects Inerrancy of Scripture
Sexual History

Are You Ashamed of God's Wrath?

When Boundaries Are Bitter Barriers
All the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge

We Can Do It!!
Truth with Love, Love with Truth
Let's Refuse to Conform!

Don't Be Deceived
Let's Be Among the Readers
Grumpy Witness

#1: Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
Is Sin its Own Punishment?
Treating the Bible Like Fiction

#2: Blessed Are Those who Mourn
Talking About Sin

The Oldest Sin in the Book

#3: Blessed are the Meek
The Second Oldest Sin: Peer Pressure
On the Alert

#4: Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
Third Oldest Sin: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
Being Prepared for Satan's Tactics

#5: Blessed are the Merciful
The Fourth Oldest Sin: It's Your Fault
False Confidence

#6: Blessed are the Pure in Heart
The Fifth Oldest Sin in the Book: Fake Worship
Gratitude Born of Pain 
Having a Form of Godliness 

 #7: Blessed are the Peacemakers
The First Premeditated Murder on Earth
Christian Confusion

#8: Blessed are Those Who are Persecuted for Righteousness
That's Just the Way I Am
The Christmas Tree

#9: Blessed are You When People Insult You
Handling Unjust Accusations
The Low Self-Esteem Excuse

6 Steps to Expose False Teachings
3 Rules: Gold, Diamond, or Sawdust
Nehemiah's Protection Plan

Praying for Satan's Captives

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