Let's Stop Living Like Atheists and Learn From Abraham's Grave

Dear Christians, Let's Stop Living Like Atheists
Even though my parents hadn’t lived in their hometown for 50 years, they were buried there when they died. 

I thought of this when I read Genesis 23 explaining Abraham's purchase of a cave for Sarah’s burial. The Bible devotes a whole chapter to this incident, so I decided to find out why.

I discovered that Abraham didn’t own a single piece of land in Canaan. He was an alien. But God had promised Abraham He was going to give Canaan to his descendants (Genesis 17:8). And Abraham acted on God’s promise by buying his and Sarah’s burial plot in Canaan. 

It’s one thing to say we believe; it’s another to prove it.

Many times professing Christians act like atheists. We say we believe but when we make decisions or deal with hardships, we act like we don’t believe.

I'm praying that I will be more like Abraham and live what I believe. Will you join me in that prayer?
copyright 2012, Gail Burton Purath
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Dear Christians, Let's Stop Living Like Atheists

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