8 Elements of Repentance & Restoration - Psalm 51

8 Elements of Repentance & Restoration - Psalm 51

In Psalm 51, David offers a wonderful example of sincere repentance.

David expresses:

1. Total dependence on God’s mercy and forgiveness, which he knows he doesn’t deserve and only God can provide. (Verses 1-2)

2. Great sorrow over his sins which separated him from God. (3)

3. An understanding that his worst offense is against God and he deserves the punishment and consequences of his sin. (4)

4. An understanding that people are born sinful, not good, yet God is always available and present. (5-6)

5. Agreement with God that his sins are grievous. (7-9)

6. A deep desire to have both his conscience and relationship with God restored. (10-15)

7. An understanding that no sacrifice is enough, only His “broken and contrite heart.” (16-17)

8. His trust that God will restore relationship with him. (18-19)

Psalm 51 is a good reminder of the nature of sin and forgiveness. May we be as eager to repent as God is to forgive and restore us.
8 Elements of Repentance & Restoration - Psalm 51
Additional Notes:

(1-2) We should never demand forgiveness. It is always an undeserved gift.
(3) Sincere repentance is rare, even in the body of Christ.
(4) David wasn’t saying that he hadn’t sinned against others, but he was using hyperbole to express that the worst thing about his sin was his dishonor to God’s commands because violating God’s commands is the same as unbelief. Certainly, David sinned against Bathsheba, Uriah, his family and his country, and this sin affected his entire life.
(5-6) Culture assumes children are born “good.” Scripture explains we’re born fallen.
(7-9) Hyssop was used in a number of Old Testament ceremonies involving purification, cleansing, or protection.
(10-15) This is what set David apart and caused God to praise David’s faith even after this incident. David wanted to be right with God more than anything else.
(16-17) David’s heart was broken over his sin, and he knew he deserved punishment. Some people are simply “brokenhearted” over the consequences of their sins, not the sins themselves. A contrite heart is precious to God. Isaiah 66:2
(18-19) David wanted to use his sorrow to help others understand God’s ways. And he wanted to vigorously worship God again, now that his sins were forgiven and his heart was cleansed.

Repentance is especially healing for our souls. This devotion shares 8 elements of repentance and restoration from Ps.51

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