11 Elements of Faith from Hebrews 11

11 Elements of Faith  from Hebrews 11
Hebrews 11 gives us a wonderful look at faith - its substance, actions, and results. 

1. It’s trusting what we don’t see. 11:1-2: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.”

2. It’s believing in intentional beauty in a culture that believes in accidental beauty (11:3-4). See Only a Fool

3. It’s giving God our best (11:4). See We Make Time For Important Things

4. It’s believing God sees what we do and rewards us if we seek Him (11:6).

5. It’s obeying God's commands even when they don't make sense at the moment (11:7).(1)

6. It’s believing in the future promises (11:8-13). 

7. It's living counterculture (11:14-16). 

8. It’s growing from testing and trials (11:17-19). See 6 Things Suffering Taught Me.

9. It’s believing God can give us a future in spite of our past (11:31). 

10. It’s about earthly victories, healing, and rewards (11:32-35).

11. It’s about hardship, suffering, and sometimes paying the ultimate earthly price (11:35-40). See God Uses Bad People.

Take time to ponder some of these wonderful elements of Christian faith!
(1) Noah built an ark on dry land and loaded it with animals - not something that makes sense apart from faith in God's commands. In addition, some scholars believe (because of Genesis 2:6) that it had never rained on earth before the flood, so Noah may never have seen rain.

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11 Elements of Faith  from Hebrews 11

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