Christian Body Snatchers – Jude 1:23

Christian Body Snatchers - Jude 1:23
Did you know Christians are called to be “body snatchers”? 

Not the kind found in sci-fi films, but the kind found in Jude 1:22-23:

“You must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering. Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.”

People are lost, but they are not simply lost, they are headed for the flames of hell.

Our culture has provided a wide, well-paved highway of sin that is easy to travel and full of approving company who are more than happy to pick up hitch-hikers (Matthew 7:13)

And that highway leads straight into the flames of eternal fire. (Narrow Road Scenery)

We who are on the narrow path are not supposed to turn a blind eye to those on this highway, especially if they call themselves believers but live like atheists. (Living Like Atheists)

We are called to be body snatchers in the best sense of the word.

Let’s start snatching.
Christian Body Snatchers - Jude 1:23


  1. amen - If I look at everything in this world - what you saying rings so true. We look at world ending propaganda, millions and millions of 'self help books. makes me laugh that because we were not created to be a god - but by the almighty God for his pleasure and praise. Self-help books.... Haa haa haaa - you need help from something you can't do - so go read a book in the self help section - no bible there..

    I dont laugh at others - I am laughing at my stiff necked human nature full of sin that starts with self....

    God is so merciful - he allows us our time to progress in our faith, be taught and trained by so that when He is ready - those waiting for Him will go home. Not those with the biggest book sales, companies, dollars and fans.

    We supposed to be the fisherman for Jesus - so that not one sheep has been lost. Grace is undeserved; but Jesus the way of Life.

    When it comes to religion, rules and regulations I keep my distance. But ask me about what I see when I see Jesus..... My heart overflows (and my eyes) because the Joy in me that He is my saviour and He has grace to forgive me and accept me - now that's something to boast of and sing in the streets.

    That song must reach all on this earth because Jesus said He came for the sinners - disciples we have to be in all we do

  2. TY! Good reminder for us! Helps us not to be so judgemental when meditating on this. God bless you for these devotions !


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