Universal Salvation Deceives Men, Giving Them False Hope

Universal Salvation Deceives Men, Giving Them False Hope

This is the final devotion in a 4-part series on Universal Salvation - It's important that Christians understand the ramifications of Universal Salvation.

It sounds loving to talk about God saving all men, whether they repent and turn to Christ or not.

But it's perhaps the cruelest trick of Satan.

It requires unbelief in Scripture. It makes a mockery of God's perfect grace and justice. It requires a low view of God, and it produces false hope.

Tell an unsaved person that Christ will save them no matter what they believe, and they'll have no reason to repent and turn to Christ.

Universal Salvation Deceives Men, Giving Them False HopeWhether we fully embrace this heresy, tell others we "hope it's true," or keep silent when people promote it, we become part of Satan's efforts to deceive men and separate them from God.

Jesus warned men of hell and we must do the same. Not only because it's the most loving thing to do, but also because Christ’s final instructions on earth were to make disciples, teaching them everything He taught (Matthew 28:16-20).  

See What Jesus Said About Hell
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  1. Where can I find the first three?

    1. I linked them in the third paragraph, but I will put them in links at the bottom since they are easy to overlook.
      God bless you.

  2. Hi Gail.
    In the last several months I've come to embrace the idea of Ultimate Reconciliation (I prefer this term over Universal Salvation).
    I don't expect other Christians to agree with it or embrace it as I have, however, it's a shame that so many Christians view it and explain it in the superficial way that you have. As someone who has participated in apologetics's for numerous years, I find your explanation similar to that of an atheist describing Christianity.
    I tried to post a rebuttal a few days ago but I'm afraid the post was too large. I'll try again breaking it up into smaller bits.

    1. I'd be glad to have you post your rebuttal, Kelley.

      I don't believe my explanations are superficial. I have a Masters from seminary, and I have studied the Scriptures thoroughly before writing on this subject. I have studied the explanations of the Greek, the historical background, and read multiple explanations of Bible scholars.

      The explanations I have read from those who embrace your belief either involve a low view of Scripture (i.e. Scripture isn't God's Word and/or contains mistakes) or they involve interpreting the many, many passages about hell in ways that ignore the context, history, and Greek or use alternate explanations that are not accepted by thousands of years of Biblical scholarship.

      But I welcome you to share your views.


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