DNA Evidence Proves We Are Fallen!

DNA Evidence Proves We Are Sinners - Genesis 5:1-3 - We are in need of Salvation

Years ago I watched a television show that included a church revival scene that went something like this: As a woman approached the altar, the pastor asked, "Sister, are you a sinner? Do you want to be saved?”

“I’m not a sinner,” she said, “but I want to be saved.”

Music played as the pastor happily welcomed the new “convert.”

DNA Evidence Proves We Are Sinners - Genesis 5:1-3 - We are in need of SalvationObviously, the scriptwriter didn’t understand salvation. If we aren't sinners, why would we need to be saved? Why would Christ have died a brutal death?

Sin isn’t an optional element of salvation—it's the main element (Romans 3:23). We've been tried and convicted by a perfect Judge, and "DNA" evidence proves our guilt.(1) We are doomed unless someone pays a debt we cannot pay ourselves. 

Praise God! Christ has paid that debt for any who acknowledge they are sinners who need a Savior.

If you’re one of those saved sinners, join me today in rejoicing in our Savior! (Romans 6:23).
(1) God is the eyewitness who sees all that we do and even knows our sinful thoughts (Hebrews 4:12-13); and our DNA proves we are sons and daughters of our sinful father Adam (Genesis 5:1-3). Like Seth, we are born in Adam’s fallen image.
copyright 2012, Gail Burton Purath, Biblelovenotes.com

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  1. Gail, where is DNA evidence? As for me, I dont need DNA. I'm of the school that believes: If it's in the Bible, it is true; so good enough for me. But, I've had several friends and a few family members who do not take it as it is. I've been told it is fairy tales, or even had scripture pulled out and misquoted as an explanation why it isn't true, Lord have mercy!

    1. Yes, it requires we believe the Bible to accept the "DNA" evidence. In the footnote I explained what I meant by DNA - the fact that everyone after Adam was born in the image of Adam - having God's image, but in a fallen sense and therefore born as sinners. I'm not talking about clinical evidence of our DNA, but Biblical evidence. I hope that clarifies. God bless you.

  2. Ok, just because Adam was human, as we are, & made in Gods image...the family tree, so to speak. I completely agree. A lady in one of the Bible studies told us if you don't get, "In the beginning God, you don't get a thing." I was hoping some real DNA had been found to get those people who really do not believe, "In the beginning God." I know how much it hurts me to see smart, good people I know & love turn away from God in unbelief or thinking their selective belief is on track. Then I think how much more it hurts our Lord, Savior, Creator, Blessor, & truly Father.


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