Don't Sit in the Prison Cell of Self-Pity

The Prison Cell of Self-Pity and How to Get Out
Self-pity is a prison cell.

Recently a woman emailed to tell me I was a "fraud" and my devotion “Open Wide Your Mouth” was a lie.

In rude, angry, bitter words she listed her problems, insisting God doesn't answer prayer.

I wrote back, told her I was sorry about her difficulties, assured her God wanted to help, and told her I’d pray for her. I also told her she’d need to give up her anger and bitterness to make room for God's salvation and comfort. 

When she replied with angry profanity, I realized she was quite committed to staying in her prison cell of self-pity.

At times, I’ve chosen that cell myself.

But it’s not mistreatment or difficulty that puts us there.

Cells of self-pity are locked from the inside. 

The key is always available and bears this inscription: "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me" (Luke 9:23).

Self-pity is self-imprisonment. Let's not go there!
Today's Bite Size Bible Study on this devotion will help you identify the cause and effects of self-pity so you can avoid it.  
Don't Sit in the Prison Cell of Self-Pity


  1. My MIL was unwilling to "unlock the chains of self-pity". She held onto hurt, anger, and hatred over something that had happened over 40 years ago. Not only that, but she pilled on more self-pity and held onto grudges like they were her best friend. Instead of seeing me, and her grand-daughters as a gift, and something to live for, she accused me of taking her son away from her.

    I tried to talk to her, many times, about forgiving and letting go. She said she never could/would, the anger and hatred was too strong. I told her how important she was to all of us. All she would ever say was "ya, ya, I know", but then turn around and say no cares her. Ultimately it cost her her life, in more ways than one. She missed out on spending time with her family, she missed out on getting to really know her grand-daughters, and living life in general. She gave up on life; her life consisted of sitting her a chair basically feeling sorry for herself and blaming everyone else, so much to the point her body shut down, and she died in her sleep at to young of an age.

    God will help you, if you let Him. He helped me heal from childhood abuse, and more. I only wish I could have helped my MIL see that.

    1. It is so sad when someone refuses to leave that prison cell. Bless you for encouraging her the way you did. Even though she didn't listen, God was listening to your kindness.

      And I'm sorry you had to suffer childhood abuse, but I'm so glad that you didn't let it put you in a prison cell.

      God bless you!

  2. We can choose whether we want to be a victim or a victor. God's word says we've "been made MORE than conquerors", and that HE "always causes us to triumph". Playing the "blame game" keeps us out of the winners' circle.


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