God is the "Leading Authority" on What Damages Our Souls

Matthew 10:22, stand up for God's Values
There is great pressure to conform the culture's view of sexual behavior even though it opposes God's loving commands...

It's difficult standing up for God's truths when they're so strongly opposed by our culture. It's difficult being categorized a "hater" when you know that the truths you are sharing come from the heart of a God who is Love. 

Opposition toward Christian values is growing, especially in the area of sexual behaviors like premarital sex, pornography, homosexuality, and transgenderism. Some of these behaviors are even being "approved" by pastors and church leaders.

There’s enormous pressure to conform.

When we face strong opposition, we need to ask ourselves if we genuinely believe we serve a God of Love whose Word is as relevant today as when it was given to mankind. Do we believe that our Creator knows what is best for us?

Jesus warns: “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22

Dear Christians, let's lovingly, persistently stand for God's truth.

To read more on the Bible's teaching about sexual behavior, see this archive of 1-minute devotions: God's View of Sex.

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  1. This, "lovingly, persistently stand for God's truth.", is always the way to stand. It's very hard, when it's your family and friends.


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