The Biblical View of Abortion

The Biblical View of Abortion
I’ve heard folks say abortion isn’t mentioned in Scripture.

True enough. 

God doesn’t mention every possible method of murder. But He commands us not to murder (Exodus 20:13; Psalm 106:37-38).

Sadly, abortion has three victims – mother, father, and child.

Moms are especially vulnerable. Abortion kills their child and wounds something in their mother’s heart.

Some try to ignore it, but it eventually catches up with them. The only women who don’t experience grief are those who have seared their consciences. 

Normally, the sin of abortion follows the sin of sex outside of marriage. We humans are good at trying to solve one sin by committing another.

No, God doesn’t specifically mention abortion in Scripture, but it’s clear from His design, His purposes, His values, and His character that it’s wrong. It not only kills an innocent child; it's destructive to the parents' souls.

See "What Scripture Says About Abortion" for specific Scriptures.

Note: If you’ve had an abortion, I encourage you to seek godly counsel and work through the death of your child and the feeling of death in your soul. God thoroughly forgives and restores, but most women need someone who understands to help them through that process Biblically. These articles might be a good start:
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The Biblical View of Abortion


  1. I am always so impressed with the way you take on the ever growing weaknesses in our modern society Satan has spun lies around. Abortion is just another example of the real horrors society defends as a right because evil has become commonly accepted in our world of "acceptance".

    Thanks for your daily courage. I know it is God directed.

    1. Thank you, Rob. I appreciate your encouragement.
      May we stand firm and help others see the truth that sets them free.


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