Abortion Victims

Abortion sounds so clinical, but it's a sin with more than one kind of victim. This short devotion explains. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes

Abortion sounds like a clinical procedure. But it's so much more.

It's a complex sin with multiple victims.

Typically, abortion follows the sin of sex outside of marriage, and it becomes a futile attempt to solve one sin by committing another. 

Moms are especially vulnerable. Abortion kills their child and wounds something in their mother’s heart. Some try to ignore it, but it eventually catches up with them. The only women who don’t experience grief are those who have seared their consciences (Ephesians 4:19). 

Some fathers encourage the abortion of their children, but others are victimized because they're unable to prevent it. 

And then there is the child who will never fulfill God's purposes for His life (Psalm 139:13).

Whenever we make choices that go against God's design, purposes, values, and character, we damage our hearts.

If you or someone you know has participated in an abortion, pray that they will find forgiveness and healing in Jesus (Isaiah 1:18).

See "What Scripture Says About Abortion" and The judge Stands before the Judge for Scripture and insights.

Note: If you’ve had an abortion, I encourage you to seek godly counsel and work through the death of your child and the feeling of death in your soul. God thoroughly forgives and restores, but most women need someone who understands to help them through that process Biblically. These articles might be a good start:
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Abortion sounds so clinical, but it's a sin with more than one kind of victim. This short devotion explains. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes

Abortion sounds so clinical, but it's a sin with more than one kind of victim. This short devotion explains. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes


  1. I am always so impressed with the way you take on the ever growing weaknesses in our modern society Satan has spun lies around. Abortion is just another example of the real horrors society defends as a right because evil has become commonly accepted in our world of "acceptance".

    Thanks for your daily courage. I know it is God directed.

    1. Thank you, Rob. I appreciate your encouragement.
      May we stand firm and help others see the truth that sets them free.

  2. I am so sad that so many try and justify this by claiming that the baby is 'just a clump of cells' as one person described it to me today. When I told then of some of the appalling ways these poor babies are killed, they said I was lying. Clearly they have no idea of what goes on.

  3. I think a video should be made of an abortion and the women should watch it one abortion. If they turn still can go through with it. That's there business. But if we are making it legal it shouldn't be sugar coated, the fact is it is murder, it is a baby and u will regret it.

  4. May I pose a question? Say a minor is raped say a child, a girl of 9 years, 10 years, or 11 years of age if they are raped are they supposed to be left to endure the pregnancy whilst in turn it can be detrimental to their health. If the abortion is done to protect life of the victim (child) is it a sin?

    Rehab the harlot in Biblical times lied to the men sent by the King in order to protect life of the two Israelites spies sent by Joshua, was she sinning?

    1. Hi Zurishhaddai,

      I'm glad you posed this question.

      Let me address each of your points, the last one first.
      Yes Rahab lied and she did it because she was saving lives by doing it. God rewarded her not for her lie. He rewarded her for her understanding that a life is worth saving even if you have to lie to do it.

      You cannot use the example of Rahab for any purpose except the saving of a life.

      If a child is raped she would have to be old enough to conceive, and the average age for this is 12 years old, so your question addresses a very unlikely scenario. But it's possible.

      If the doctors determined that the pregnancy will kill the child because of her age, then that is a life for a life, and that has always been a legal choice in the U.S. even before Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion.

      So your question is whether this young girl should have to endure the difficulty of a pregnancy or if she should kill the unborn child she is carrying.

      I have two children, and I wouldn't let one of them die to spare the other from a great difficulty. That's because I love and value both lives, and it's not my place to decide who should live and who should die.

      I have great sympathy for a child who would be in this situation, and I would do everything I could to have the rapist sentenced to prison and I would make sure the child was loved and cared for and received lots of help and counsel for the ordeal ahead of them, but I would not add another crime to the crime already committed. How do we know how this young girl will feel 20 years from now knowing that a child was aborted because she was raped? She may suffer more grief over that than the grief she suffers in carrying the child. In addition, a small percentage of abortions cause sterility, an additional consideration.

      But let me end with this truth. Even if you think abortion should be allowed in cases of rape, you should stand against abortion laws.

      Our U.S. abortion laws allow a woman for the sake of convenience to kill her unborn child up to the day of delivery and these children are killed without anesthetic even though medical science knows that they feel the pain of having their skulls crushed and their limbs cut off.

      Studies vary, but apparently about .5% of abortions are the result of rape. Are you against the other 99.5%?