Arrogance Without Knowledge

Genuine Faith Makes Us Humble, Not Arrogant

Knowing and Living God's Word Makes Us Humble...

Dr. Larkin spent his adult life studying Scripture. 

It wasn’t simply his job; it was his passion, hobby, and pleasure. 

He was so skilled at Biblical languages that he was asked to translate Acts for The New Living Translation. I felt blessed to have him as a seminary professor. His humility and kindness were evidence that he not only knew Scripture, he lived it.

A cocky student once interrupted Dr. Larkin, “What translation of the Bible are you reading? I don’t like it.” 

Knowing and Living God's Word Makes Us Humble, Not Proud. “I’m reading from the Greek and translating as I read,” Dr. Larkin humbly answered.

This student represents a growing trend: arrogance without knowledge.

More and more Christians are angrily defending non-Scriptural views of God or promoting tolerance of sin. (See my archive called "Debunking Twisted Scripture")

Zeal without knowledge is a dangerous thing. Arrogant zeal is even worse.

How do we avoid this arrogance? By carefully studying God's Word and applying it to our lives humbly and graciously (2 Timothy 2:15; James 4:6).
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  1. thank-you, for all the days I don't tell you, for sharing God's truth!

  2. My second reminder today to guard against arrogance. Thank you.


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