Peter's Brother Andrew - Inspiration for Behind-the-Scenes Christians - John 1:41, John 6:1-13

Working Behind the Scenes
We rarely talk about Andrew. His older brother Simon Peter overshadows him. 

But Andrew was the first disciple to believe in Christ and he brought Peter to Jesus. Everything that Peter did for the Gospel, we owe to the behind-the-scenes ministry of his little brother Andrew who brought him to the Lord (John 1:41).

Andrew showed his behind-the-scenes faith again in John 6:1-13 when Jesus asked how they would feed the five thousand. 

Andrew “spoke up.” He wasn't sure of himself, but he spoke up just the same and told Jesus about a small boy's lunch of five loaves and two fish. Those loaves and fish fed the five thousand and glorified our miracle-working Lord.

Are you willing to work behind-the-scenes? Who knows - you might share the Gospel with a "Peter" or encourage great miracles in the lives of others.

Not everyone can be a "Peter," but all of us can be Andrews (Ephesians 2:10).


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