As Serious As Witchcraft or Idol Worship

Despite the false teaching that God sees all sins exactly the same, Scripture tells us that some sins are more serious than others. This 1-minute devotion explains one of the worst. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

You can also listen to this devotion on You Tube: As Serious as Witchcraft.

Samuel rebuked King Saul for picking and choosing which of God's instructions he would follow. Saul stubbornly defended himself (1 Samuel 15).

Then Samuel said, "Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols" (1 Samuel 15:23). 

Saul insincerely apologized, and God removed his anointing from Saul that day.

Christians understand the serious nature of witchcraft and idol worship – but do we understand the serious nature of rebellion and stubbornness?

Just as King Saul amended God's instructions to please his men (1 Samuel 15:24), many professing Christians amend God's commands to please peers, culture, or their sinful desires. 

They argue their twisted views as stubbornly as Saul argued his.

Culture promotes foul language, drunkenness, focus on outward appearance, materialism, premarital sex, homosexuality, transgenderism, and other evils.

Professing Christians who defend any of these things are in stubborn rebellion against God and His Word.

We must guard our hearts against rebellion and stubbornness as seriously as we guard against witchcraft and idolatry. 

Note: This and other passages in Scripture tell us that God considers some sins more serious than others. Unfortunately, there is a false belief circulating among Christians that all sins are equal in God's eyes. Read what Scripture actually teaches about this subject: All Sins Are Not The Same

Additional Note: I hate bigotry. I've writen about the evil of racism in multiple devotions. (e.g. God's View of Racism, Flags or People

The first two years this devotion was online, it featured two images of a white woman, and I didn't receive any negative feedback. When I edited this devotion, I used three new images, one of a black woman and the two of a white man. No one was offended by the use of the white male. However, I received several comments about my prejudice in using the image of the black woman even though the title on the image was almost identical to that used with the white woman and the white man ("Beware: Scripture says this sin is a serious as witchcraft"). The title is a warning, not a mug shot, and I feel that the real prejudice is in the eye of the beholder, not in the image itself. I removed the image of the black woman, not because it was prejudiced, but because a few random souls perceived it as such. But I would like to point out that Christians are called to give each other the benefit of the doubt. Petty scrutiny and nit-picky criticism are not Christian qualities.
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Despite the false teaching that God sees all sins exactly the same, Scripture tells us that some sins are more serious than others. This 1-minute devotion explains one of the worst.

Despite the false teaching that God sees all sins exactly the same, Scripture tells us that some sins are more serious than others. This 1-minute devotion explains one of the worst. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible


  1. Add racism to the list! Especially among His people. God says to hate your brother is like murder. Thatd Biblical. God said it.

    1. Yes, JeeSun, racism is a terrible sin.
      This devotion is discussing a particular Scripture that talks about rebellion and witchcraft. It is not meant to be an all inclusive list of sins.

    2. But you are the same traditional Christians that talk about the'" gay agenda " . As if people can choose who they like .Why should one prejudice be wrong but another right ?

    3. Unknown,
      I'm not sure I understand your comment, but if you are comparing a sexual sin to the color of someone's skin, then you are comparing apples and oranges.

      The Bible is against sin because it damages people's hearts and minds. Homosexual acts are clearly defined as sin in Scripture.

      If you are comparing skin color and ethnic background to sexual sin I find that pretty offensive.

  2. I would add that making race your God is also a sin. In today's culture there are those who worship their race. It supercedes everything in their life.

  3. I appreciate your devotions as I need reminders to be more active in pursuing maturity in Christ. I would like to address the concern about the photos that were chosen. Initially, I was concerned about the image of the young woman and the emotions that it invoked. I also compared the image and my response to the man chosen. I felt quite different emotions and initially didn't notice the smaller image. I trust that as my sister in Christ there was no ill intent... I'm also asking as your sister in Christ to acknowledge that someone may have a different perspective and that there's an awareness that it could and is concerning. God knows our hearts and will guide us to be more aware.

    1. Hi Marg,
      I may not understand your comment, but what I think you are saying is that I should understand if I am called a bigot and a racist for using a picture of a black woman as one of several images for this devotion.

      I don't agree. This devotion applies to all races. In addition, I didn't single out blacks for the images. I first used a white woman, not a black woman, and when I updated the images I used both a black woman and a white man.

      If seeing a black woman in a photo about witchcraft seems racist to someone but seeing a white woman does not, then that person is racist, not me. Are they saying that black people are never associated with witchcraft only white people? Or are they saying that black people are always associated with witchcraft, not white people? Either way, they are the ones being racist. And I cannot choose my pictures based on racist views.

      I have had blacks tell me I don't use enough pictures of blacks and I have increased the number I've used, and I have had men tell me I don't use enough pictures of men, and I have increased the number I've used. But claiming that I'm racist because I use a black person in the same way I've used a white person is purely rude and racist.