Trust Scripture or Become Your Own God

The Bible is incredibly accurate and reliable. Those who claim otherwise become their own God. This 1-minute devotion explains why. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

A growing number of professing Christians claim the Bible is not divinely inspired. 

That means they think they are God.

How so?

If we believe parts of Scripture are outdated, corrupted, or written by men, we must define truth and error for ourselves. Only God can do that.(1)  

Believing the Bible is inaccurate is not only idolatrous. It’s also intellectually foolish:

1. The Bible is extremely trustworthy, more trustworthy than any other ancient manuscript. God allowed us to discover some of the most ancient manuscripts in 1947 (The Dead Sea Scrolls), and those manuscripts confirm that only tiny, insignificant scribal errors have been made in the thousands of years since the original manuscripts were written.(2)

2. All portions of Scripture are written by men. If you don’t believe those men were divinely inspired to write God’s Word, you can’t trust anything in Scripture. Even the words of Jesus were recorded by men.(3)

We can either trust Scripture, or we can become our own god.

I’m trusting Scripture. How about you?
(1) People who don't trust Scripture very often allow their false teachers to become their god, allowing him/her to tell them what is true in the Bible and what is not. 

Please note that nothing in Scripture is "outdated," but not every promise or command in the Old Testament is applicable to New Testament Christians. To read more: Laws, Commands, and Errors.

(2) God is able to safeguard His Word, and He has done that. He would not let human error leave His children without reliable truth. For more on the reliability of God's Word, see: Responding to Atheistic Arguments and Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

(3) See: 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Hebrews 4:12, 2 Peter 1:20-21, and Why not simply believe the words of Christ?

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The Bible is incredibly accurate and reliable. Those who claim otherwise become their own God. This 1-minute devotion explains why. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

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  1. There are far too many Charletons leading the so called Evangelical church. They get into politics and mix earthly things with spiritual things.
    I still wonder how God and guns tie together.
    These false prophets are the ones responsible for leading Gods' children astray.
    The example they set leads those to commit to atheism.

    1. There are people from every background who are leading people astray. Some of the most effective false teachers are those who lump people into stereotypes and make them scapegoats for everything that is evil.

    2. Politics address spiritual issues, that is why! God and guns tie together because it is about freedom, " the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirt of the Lord is, there is liberty." The Bible is at the hub of all things, not a slice of life. Mr. Unknown, you are doing or listening to the false teachers.

    3. Hi Oharabizstrat,
      I agree that unknown is not being fair about evangelicals and he is wrong that we cannot mix earthly things with spiritual things because Scripture tells us how to live here on earth.

      You are right that some political issues are also moral issues, like abortion and LBGTQ issues which are clearly addressed in Scripture. But not all politics are spiritual issues, and genuine Bible believing Christians may disagree on complex subjects like health care, financial aid, and gun control.

      There may be principles in Scripture about protection and freedom, but there isn't anything in Scripture that dictates who should own guns and the process for obtaining them. My husband was in the military, and I believe that Scripture supports defending our country and having law enforcement, but we cannot claim there is only one biblical answer about gun control laws.