Treating the Bible Like Fiction

This 1-minute devotion addresses the foundation for the dangerous "Progressive Christian" movement. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Devotions

Alexandre Dumas wrote the well-known classic The Count of Monte Cristo in 1844, telling the story of a man wrongly imprisoned who later sought revenge.

Suppose a modern teacher, presenting himself as a literary expert, taught that the novel was actually about a happily married man on vacation. Suppose he claimed that people had misunderstood the novel for centuries because some of the publishers of the book had secretly changed Dumas' original manuscript.

And suppose this literature teacher was incredibly persuasive, and he claimed that anyone who disagreed with him must enjoy revenge more than vacations.

This is a ridiculous scenario, but not as ridiculous as some of the increasingly popular teachings about God's Word.

Some teachers now claim that the Bible contains truth, but God’s wrath and His condemnation of certain sexual sins are commands added by people who misunderstood God.

They claim that only hateful, self-righteous people would enjoy the "violent God" described in parts of Scripture.

This heresy turns God's Word into fiction and shows it less respect than novels like The Count of Monte Cristo

Please pray for those caught up in these lies, and take time today to read some of these passages that honor God's Word:

Psalm 19:7-11 in which the psalmist describes some wonderful qualities of God's Word.
John 17:16-17 where Jesus speaks about the importance of God's Word.
Psalm 119 which is filled with marvelous descriptions and benefits of God's Word! 
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This 1-minute devotion addresses the foundation for the dangerous "Progressive Christian" movement. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Devotions

Bible Love Notes

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