10 Good Prayers From Psalms

10 Good Prayers From Psalms
These prayers, recorded in the Book of Psalms, are great prayers to pray for ourselves and our loved ones - not as a rote, religious practice, but with thought and purpose.

Each prayer below is linked to the King James Version and the New International Version.

1. Psalm 19:12-14 - a prayer for faithfulness
2. Psalm 25:4-5 - a prayer for guidance
3. Psalm 25:16-21 - a prayer for help when troubled by personal sin and the cruelty of others
4. Psalm 27:11-14 - a prayer when you've been mistreated and need help and guidance
5. Psalm 42:5-11 - a prayer when depressed
6. Psalm 51 - a prayer of repentance and restoration
7. Psalm 55:1-8, 22 - a prayer when depressed (often the "voice of our enemy" [v.3] is our own voice telling us lies)
8. Psalm 63 - a prayer of thanksgiving and trust
9. Psalm 86:11 - a prayer for guidance and faithfulness
10. Psalm 90 - a prayer for God's favor on our work

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10 Good Prayers From Psalms

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  1. Thanks for the prayer when I really need the strength of God. ������


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