The formerly racist god

One of the largest churches in the world has a god who changes his mind about church doctrine. Let's pray for those deceived by this cult. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Mormonism #LDS

The influence of "Christian" cults and false religions is growing. For that reason, I will occasionally share information on these groups. Let's pray for those deceived by these false beliefs.

Originally blacks were denied privileges in the Mormon church because the "divine" revelations of Joseph Smith taught that black skin was a sign of wickedness.

In 1978, LDS leaders reversed this ban, explaining it was simply a cultural prejudice from the era when Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon. 

However, the Book of Mormon is the basis for all of their beliefs, and Joseph Smith claimed each word came from God and was eternal truth. When Mormons admit it contains errors, they confirm that their entire faith is built on man's errors, not God's words.(1) 

Mormon doctrine is always changing (source). It is neither true nor reliable.

So let’s pray for our Mormon friends that they will turn to the true and living God who is not a racist and who “does not change like shifting shadows” (Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17).(2) 
(1) Beware: Mormons use descriptions that sound similar to biblical descriptions, but they have different underlying meanings. For example, they say Jesus is God, but they believe he is a created being and one of many sons of God (source).  

To read more about the differences between Mormonism (LDS) and biblical Christianity: Got Questions. For other Bible Love Note's posts on cults and false religions: MormonismAtheism & False Religions.

(2) Racism: Sadly, there were/are times when Christian churches have denied equality to blacks, but this was not based on God's Word. In fact, it grieved the heart of God. See: God's View of Racism.

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One of the largest churches in the world has a god who changes his mind about church doctrine. Let's pray for those deceived by this cult. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Mormonism #LDS

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  1. It's sad when people of different OR varying quantities of melatonin judge reach other on that basis. The artists renditions of Christ usually show a well tanned male with blue eyes and a beautiful robe. When In reality Christ was more than likely very olive skinned, brown eyes and a somewhat tattered robe. He wasn't earthly rich yet owned the cattle on a thousand hills. Wasn't anything beautiful as we see beauty yet was the only perfect person to walk this planet. Our judgment of people needs to be from a heavenly perspective and not of human judgment or sight. It is sad how much we (ME) wrongly judge our fellow man. Christ died for ALL not just the self righteous. Let's not be like the Pharisees, Lord Grant us the ability to see people for who they are, Your children.