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There are lots of false beliefs among Christians and this 1-minute devotion covers a dangerous one. We need to know how to respond. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes

A very common way of avoiding certain commands in Scripture is to claim they are not God's Word but simply the opinions of the human authors of the Bible.

Recently a professing Christian did this, explaining his views about homosexuality this way:

"I know that Moses thought it was a sin, and I know Paul thought it was a sin, but Jesus didn’t speak on it. And Paul and Moses didn’t always get things right in their writings, nor was it always recorded, copied, and translated correctly.”

Because this excuse is used to deny many teachings of Scripture, it's important that we know how to answer someone who uses it.

1. Moses, Paul, and every other human author of Scripture were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write God’s words, not their own (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21; 2 Peter 3:15-16). See Paul's Letters are Scripture.

2. If a person doesn’t trust the Bible’s human authors, they can’t trust Christ’s words because human authors recorded those words. See To Trust Christ's Words You Must Trust the Whole Bible.

3. Christ said that after His ascension, the Holy Spirit would teach us additional truths (John 16:12-15), and Scripture is inspired by the Spirit.

4. Modern translations accurately express the content of the ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of Scripture. 
See When the Bible is Tested for Accuracy.

5. The Bible’s content on homosexuality is clear and straightforward.*
*Scriptures on homosexuality are found in the books written by Moses and Paul, but also in other books of the Bible. And the teaching is always in agreement. 

To read what Scripture says about homosexual behavior, see: Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality.

To read specifically about Gay Revisionist Theology, check out the links below:


There are lots of false beliefs among Christians and this 1-minute devotion covers a dangerous one. We need to know how to respond. #Bible #BibleLoveNotes

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  1. I don't know how someone could say this and take the Bible seriously.

    In any event, it's reasonable to believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God because of (at least) three things: 1) The nature of God Himself. If we understand who He is, we can understand His capability of getting across what we need to know accurately. 2) The nature of truth. That which corresponds to reality is true. And the Bible has proven this time and time again, through archeology, answering the Big Questions of life, and providing the best encompassing worldview. 3) The resurrection of Jesus is an historical event that proves Jesus is God. And Jesus affirmed the teachings of the Bible as accurate, true, and authoritative. He also sent his Apostles to accurately communicate what he taught them.