Sophisticated Child Sacrifice

This 1-minute devotion describes the serious sin of abortion, offering prayer for mother and fathers who need God's forgiveness. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Abortion

We’re shocked by pagan child sacrifice. 

But our modern culture celebrates it when it’s called “reproductive rights.”

Whenever evil acts are approved, they always escalate (Romans 1:21-32).

Previously, New York law allowed a woman to kill her unborn child up to six months of her pregnancy. Now she can kill her child any time before birth. 

A New York senator said this shows that New York cares about women’s health, women's lives,* and women's decisions. (source)

In Old Testament times, children were sacrificed on altars of pagan gods. Now they are sacrificed on altars of selfish decisions.

God says killing our children profanes, provokes, and pollutes:

1. Profanes His name (Leviticus 18:21)

2. Provokes His anger (2 Kings 17:17).

3. Pollutes the land (Psalm 106:38).

My heart aches for the babies but also for the fathers and mothers who must live with the knowledge of their sin. 

I pray that these mothers and fathers will turn to the Lord where they can find forgiveness, healing, and comfort (Isaiah 1:18). 

Will you join me in that prayer? 

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* Note: What if the life of the mother is at risk? 

1. The purpose of extending the date for abortions is not based on the need to save a mother's life. It was already legal in New York to have late term abortions if the mother's life was in jeopardy (source).
2. Third trimester babies have very good chances for survival. In the extremely rare cases where a mother's health might be threatened by continuing her pregnancy, she can deliver the baby live instead of killing him/her.
3. New York believes it is inhumane to give lethal injections to convicted murderers because it's a painful way to die. But they approve giving a lethal injection to a baby who feels pain during the third trimester (source). Lethal injection also poses a risk for the mother. 

In light of these facts, we can be pretty sure that this law has nothing to do with concern for women's health and lives.

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This 1-minute devotion describes the serious sin of abortion, offering prayer for mother and fathers who need God's forgiveness. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Abortion

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  1. I am one of those people who has seen it all, done some of it, bitter about much of it (a crusty ol' soul), but when I say that I am shocked, and I mean SHOCKED that anyone on this planet (or at least in civilized societies) thinks it is OK to murder an innocent child (whether inside the womb or outside), I just truly can't wrap my head or heart around it. Is there anything more evil than extinguishing life before it has a chance to bloom? You are a better person than I am because you try to see the humanity in their decisions (not the mom, I can understand the fear of an unwed mother and the consequences of poor choices,I DO feel for her), but I fail to see the humanity or decency in those who gleefully celebrate the death of an innocent. The celebrities who say that they "wish that they had an abortion, so that they could relate to their sisters in the movement", and the people who work at the WTC who lit it up in the color pink this past week as a big "hurrah" for dead babies. I am just sick to my bones about all of this. Just sick.

  2. What happens to the bodies of all these murdered innocents? They are used in medical and pharmaceutical research. They are used in vaccine manufacturing. They are used in medical procedures and surgeries, including transplants. If we participate in creating the demand, even unwittingly, for the body parts of these babies, we are part of the problem. Sacrificing these little ones on the altar of seeking to improve or extend the lives of older children and adults is shameful.

    1. I agree with you 150%. I was discussing this very topic with my husband this morning. And you know, on the face of it, vanity and greed don't seem like such awful sins when compared to murder for example, but it's all interconnected when you follow the paths to where they first originated(or, this case, where they bottom out). More, more, more!!!--More materialism, more beauty, more youth--we are focused on the outside while we rot from the inside. I had to make a hard choice last year. I was always telling my kids (ages 13, 12, and 10) that GOD had created them just as they are and that they should not seek to "improve on his design". My two daughters then said, "Why do you color your hair then? If GOD meant for you to have grey hair, then who are you to "improve" upon it? Ouch. Right to heart of my ego. So I stopped dying it. And I lived! What does this have to do with abortion? Because there are a million things that I could do to myself (or for myself) that I could (and have) sought to justify in any manner of ways. And I cannot honestly say that if I had had the money, and you had said,"Would you sacrifice a bit of your soul for this? How about for that then?" that I would not have availed myself of different opportunities that were presented. I was weak --many, many times. If you have a greedy heart, an empty soul, and the ways and means, the road to Hell opens wide and invites us all in. But I am not afraid to disappoint The World anymore. My eyes are on GOD.

    2. I agree totally with you. It breaks my heart to think of the agony of a baby being aborted. As Christians we need to take a stand against it. God will never in any circumstance approve of this evil practice. We need to repent of our silence about abortion and speak up against it and try to change legislation. Help us, dear Father in heaven, to make the right choices about the situation

  3. My heart breaks that people choose to believe the lies the world tells them. I have friends who deny Christ but even they think abortion is wrong. Our world is going down a very slippery slope and Satan is overjoyed. We need alot of prayer warriors.

  4. So horrifying. So many babies murdered. I watched a video yesterday where the man in the video, a senator or representative but I don't recall from which state, stated that the only difference between any of us and an unborn baby is time. I have been so devastated over this issue. Abortion has broken my heart ever since I was old enough to know what it is.

  5. Ford Ford: I am a committed, firm opponent of abortion, and late-term abortion is a double horror. However, it is a dangerous myth that these aborted bodies are used in the manufacture of vaccines. Because of this misinformation, there are parents who refuse to vaccinate, ultimately leading to the death of yet other innocent children.

    1. Whether one is pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, the truth is the truth, and even Merck, the manufacturer of the rubella vaccine, acknowledges that they use cells from aborted fetuses. Here is but one of a million links--

  6. Hi Gail, its so so sad! Praying the people see the truth before its too late.
    God bless

  7. I wish it was never made legal in 1973, people did not know then what they know now. Heartbreaking for child and mother.v