Jeremiah 29:13: A Wonderful Promise

God isn't hiding - He's anxious to be found - Jeremiah 29:13

Anyone who seeks God wholeheartedly will find Him..

Did you know Adam lived long enough to know Noah’s father Lamech? So Lamech was able to hear Adam's eyewitness account of the Garden of Eden and tell it to Noah...who was one of the eight survivors after the Flood.

This is just one example of how God preserves, verifies and transmits Truth to us.*

On a personal level, I heard about the Gospel from my parents who heard about it from their parents who heard about it from their parents and we all had the Bible to verify what we heard.

God preserves and transmits Truth through people, circumstances, events, signs and wonders. And He promises: 
If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. ~ Jeremiah 29:13 

But God isn’t hiding—He’s anxious to be found. You might say He is chasing us so that we can find Him. If you're looking for God in some area of your life, persevere and you'll find him.

This is but another characteristic of God for which I am thankful!
copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2012 

For some more thoughts on the way God chases us, read: The Prostitute

* Certain cults claim that the Bible was corrupted and the message can't be trusted. They claim their prophet(s) know the real meaning of Scripture, as if God was unable to speak to us for hundreds or thousands of years until their prophet(s) entered the scene. This claim makes their god very small. The true and Living God knows how to speak to His people and He would not sit by and allow the Bible's message to be corrupted while millions of souls died without opportunity to be saved.

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God isn't hiding - He's anxious to be found - Jeremiah 29:13


  1. Where is it found that Adam told lamech about the Garden of Eden?

    1. Hi Jacki,

      The Bible records the genealogy of these men, and that genealogy says Lamech was alive before Adam died.

      That means Adam was alive to talk to Lamech and transmit the story of the Garden of Eden. Since most people tell their children about their childhood even if it isn't anything special, I think it is logical that Adam told his children who told their children who told their children. But stories tend to get changed unless the original story-teller is still alive. If the story-teller is still alive, they usually stay factual.

      So we know that Adam was still alive when Lamech heard the story. And it wouldn't seem unusual for Lamech to hear it straight from Adam himself.

      And since the story was important to mankind's understanding of sin and God, I think we can be even more confident that God made sure it was transmitted correctly and God made sure that Noah's account was given to him by his father who heard it while Adam was still living.

      When Moses wrote Genesis, God divinely inspired his words, but there is no reason that we shouldn't assume Moses had heard if from his ancestry as well.

      Either way, we can be confident that the story of creation was known by Noah since he had such a strong faith in God during a time when other men were at the height of evil.


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