A Lie Some Christians Believe: God Sees All Sins The Same

This is a very popular lie that many well-meaning Christians believe. But Scripture makes it clear that God does not view all sins equally. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

One lie that confuses Christians is this one: 

"All sins are the same in God's eyes."

Christians who believe this are quick to point out that fornication, homosexuality, or transgenderism are no worse in God's eyes than gossip. 

Placing all sins on equal footing is popular. It sounds fair-minded and non-judgmental, but it misrepresents the gospel and God's character. 

All sins have equal eternal consequences:
1. Without Christ, any sin sends us to hell.
2. With Christ, any sin can be forgiven.(1) 

But this doesn't mean all sins are the same in God's eyes.

Sins have different earthly consequences, do different kinds of damage to our souls, and represent different degrees of rebellion. For example: Sexual sins are uniquely damaging (1 Corinthians 6:18-20), and "unnatural" sexual sins are a more serious rebellion against God and His design (Romans 1:18-32).(2)

God punishes sins differently(2) and describes some commands as more important than others (Matthew 23:23).

If we think God sees the rape of a child the same as gossip, we don't understand His character (Mark 9:42).
(1) There is actually one sin that God says cannot be forgiven (Matthew 12:31).
(2) We aren't supposed to create a "rating system" for sins because God judges each sin individually according to each man's motives and opportunities, but God clearly says some sins are more serious than others.  See Numbers 15:22-31,  Luke 12:47-48, James 3:1, Mark 12:38-40
This is such a popular lie that you might want more confirmation, so check out these biblical authorities/sites:

Billy Graham - Are All Sins the Same in God's Eyes?
John Piper - Are All Sins Equal Before God?
Apologetics Press - Are All Sins Equal?

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This is a very popular lie that many well-meaning Christians believe. But Scripture makes it clear that God does not view all sins equally. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

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  1. Was pondering this very topic today, so this post caught my eye on Pinterest. I love the way that all your devotionals are so short and to the point. I've been so blessed by your ministry here! Thank you for being a light!

  2. What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit

    1. Hi Louise,
      This is not an easy question to answer, so I will give you a link that explains it more fully with Scripture references.

      But one thing I have read from Bible scholars is this: If you are worried that you might have done it, you haven't because anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit no longer cares what God thinks.

      But here is a link that will do a better job explaining it:
      Got Questions:

      Desiring God:

      Billy Graham:

      I hope this helps answer your question.

  3. I think when people-Christians say all sin is the same in God's eyes, they mean God hates ALL sin-because He does.
    Thank you for the clarification though.

    1. All sin, any sin, one sin, means we are not holy. And we cannot be with GOD if we are not holy. Only Jesus makes us holy by giving us His righteousness. But not all sins are equal in any other way.

  4. So great a topic for today. I got to this after reading another in my inbox on June 26,2017.

    A big pack of lies I hear today is, "I think if God were alive today, he would be for everyone marrying whomever they want. People should marry who they love." I respond that Jesus is alive, and living within those who accept him. Then refer people to 2 Timothy 3:16-17 Where God addresses this matter, and again in Rev 22:18-19 Where we are warned not to add to or subtract from God's book of prophecy, lest he add plagues to our lives or subtract our names from the Lamb's Book of Life. With these verses in mind, I add one more, HEB 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” To me that means He spoke and I'm not willing to question Him on this matter. Sadly, people get real quiet, the subject changes, and discussion is over. But I planted my seeds, pray, & who knows what surprises we will see when we get to Heaven.

  5. To be forgiven, one has to be sincere. God is the judge, he is the only one who really knows all. Everyone reading this bible, get's out what they want. Why we have so many different churches.