Holy Awe - John 1:27

John the Baptist unworthy to untie Christ's sandals, holy awe, undeserved grace
Realizing the Wonder of Christ and His love for us... 
Have we lost our sense of holy awe? 

Have we lost sight of our Lord's magnificent glory, power, love, purity, and perfection? 

Have we lost sight of the fact that He sees things we don't and understands the whole picture of which we see a tiny piece?

He asks us to be His friend, His follower, and His child, but have we forgotten that we don't deserve any of these things? They all come through His Grace - His undeserved favor and love.

John the Baptist, a sold-out man of God who was martyred for his faith said this:

"I'm not even worthy to be his slave and untie the straps of his sandal."* John 1:27 NLT

It's important in our self-focused world to understand God's grace. Only when we understand it is undeserved do we begin to see the magnitude of His love for us.

Dear Friends, let's pray to develop our sense of holy awe.
* It was the duty of the lower slaves to untie the sandals of their master. Thus John was saying he wasn't even worthy to be the lowest slave to Christ.


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