Worry is Based on a Small View of God

tiny bugs kill massive tree, worry is exaggerated, worry is a small view of God
I read about a 400-year-old tree that survived severe conditions on Colorado’s Long’s Peak…until a swarm of tiny bugs destroyed it.

These bugs are a good illustration of worry except worry’s 'tiny bugs' are imagined, not real. Worry usually has a basis in fact—difficulties in finances, relationships, health, etc. But bad circumstances don’t destroy us—fear and unbelief destroy us.
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And Worry is UNBELIEF—the false belief that God is not enough, that we can’t have peace or joy, that we can’t live under our present conditions.

Mine is the voice of experience because I'm often a worrier, an “unbeliever in times of trouble.”
Matthew 6:25 says "do not worry."
Worry is based on a small view of God and an exaggerated view of our problems.
If you are worrying about something today, ask God to help you see the “tiny bugs” for what they are and His great power for what it is.

© copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011
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