The 10 Most Popular Books of the Bible

10 Most Popular Books of the Bible
Bible Gateway statistics reveal these ten most popular (most read) Bible books on their site. 

1. Psalms- Beautiful poetry, praise and thanksgiving ... confusion, sorrow, and anger ... all taken to the Father for comfort and guidance.

2. Matthew - the Gospel emphasizing Christ as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. 

3. John - the Gospel emphasizing Christ's deity, signs, and wonders. 

4. Romans - a theology book woven into a letter to God's people.

5. Proverbs- wise sayings and instructions for godly living.(1) 

6. Genesis- the death of mankind's innocence and the birth of God's plan of redemption. 

7. Luke - the longest Gospel emphasizing God's love and care for all people. 

8. 1 Corinthians - addressing church problems and giving us God's beautiful definition of love. 

9. Isaiah - proclaiming dual fulfillment prophecies (fulfilled both in Isaiah's time and in the life of Christ). 

10. Acts-  Luke's second letter to Theophilus, convincing him of the Gospel message. 

Are any of these your favorite books to read? 

(1) not all are promises (Proverbs Aren't Promises)

Resource: Popular Books Infographic 

Note - This Bible Gateway statistic is based on how often the book is read. Because books vary in size, this isn't altogether a scientific way to discover the most favorite books of the Bible. But the study does reflect a special interest in these 10 books.

If you would like to do a short Bible Study on this devotion, check out today's Bite Size Bible Study.


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