Let Your Heartaches Heal - Give Them to God

God can heal our heartaches if we give them to Him...

It's not good to pull scabs from wounds. We need to let them heal.  

It's not good to "pull scabs" from heartaches. We need to let them heal.

Why do we "pull" at heartaches?

1. Because they confuse us.

2. Because we want our heart to quit hurting.

3. Because we want to make it right.

We need to give our confusion, pain, and expectations to God (Psalm 55:22).

If there are things we need to do, God will tell us. He isn't shy about convicting us of sin or giving us guidance. He won't leave us in the dark.

But sometimes He simply asks us to rest in Him and leave the scab alone so it will heal.

How can we leave it alone?

1. By interrupting our sad/mad/confused thoughts with Scriptures, prayers, thanksgiving, or praise. (See "I Can't Change")

2. By renewing our minds in God's Word regularly. (See "Aggressive Renewal") 

3. By crying out to God in prayer. (See "Feeling Forgotten")

Some heartaches leave scars, but even scars can make us stronger, when we use them to help others (2 Corinthians 1:3-7).


  1. I would love to share this on my Facebook page if that's ok.

  2. Oops, just figured it out. Thanks for making it possible.

    1. I'm always blessed to have someone share my devotions on FB and I always put each day's new devotion on my Bible Love Note's Facebook page each morning at 5AM EST. So you can share it from that FB page, if you prefer or share it using the button on the bottom of each devotion.
      God bless you, Cheryl
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  3. How can I pin this on Pinterest? This ones a keeper. Thx

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      All you have to do is click the little red "P" below the devotion. Or you can copy the url and add it that way. Or you can check out Bible Love Note's Pinterest page (pinterest.com/biblelovenotes). It will be on the "Newest Devotions" board.
      Hope this answers your questions.
      Thanks for pinning it.


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