I Find Joy in Your Commands, Lord - Even in the Midst of Sorrow

Get an alarm and a Bible and let God's Word relieve your stress...

Five years ago, a major disappointment left me pressured and stressed. I slid into a pit of discouragement. 

Each day I woke up sad, went to bed sad, and covered up my sadness during the day so I could complete my daily tasks. 

I let sorrow overshadow my blessings.

Instead of spending more time in God's Word, I started spending less. I needed God desperately, but I was seeking Him less.

So I started Bible Love Notes. 

God's Word, Psalm 119, overcoming stressSlowly, as I studied and wrote devotions (mostly to myself), I climbed out of that pit of despair.

"As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands." Psalm 119:143

This year, life knocked me down again, but I'm determined not to slide back into that pit again.

This time I'm setting my alarm every hour, reading Bible verses that inspire perseverance and trust, and letting God's Word give me joy.

Even if you're not in the midst of a trial, you might be encouraged by an alarm and a Bible.
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  1. A dear friend was telling me yesterday about a terrible trial she had been through. Although she didn't see it at the time, she knows now, what "man" meant for evil, God used for good. Your trial Gail, prompted Bible Love Notes. What a beautiful outcome. God has certainly used you in a mighty way. You will never know this side of heaven, the impact your ministry has had on lives. Thank you. Praying for you. ~ Abby

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Abby. I have seen God use bad for good so many times in my life and I know He will do it in my present sorrow as well. I thank God for your ministry as well.

  2. Gail, how wonderful that the Lord used your disappointment and sadness to bring into being the wonderful ministry of Bible Love Notes! As Abby has already said,your words will have impacted so many lives (including mine!) Thank you so much and I'lm praying for you too.xx Ann

  3. The power of God's word is huge! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your testimony. I love how He brings good things from our hard times. Hopefully for the best for you during this hard season.

  4. Thanks for the idea of reading a scripture hourly! What a great Idea. Is there an app for this?

    1. There probably is, but I just set an alarm on my phone.


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