The Wonderful Psalms: A Collection of 1-Minute Devotions

A wonderful collection of 1-minute devotions based on the Psalms. Pin or bookmark it and read one a day! #Psalms #Bible #BibleLoveNotes #Biblestudy

Below you'll find a list of Bible Love Note's online devotions from the Psalms.  If you enjoy these devotions, scroll down to the bottom of the collection, and read about Wisdom for Life...a hard cover devotional book from Bible Love Notes featuring 100 one-minute devotions from Psalms and Proverbs.

 💙Finding Strength in the Psalms.  

💛The Comfort of the Psalms: 4 Benefits

💚Taking our Emotions to the Lord in the Psalms

💜How do you Feel about God's Word (compared to the Psalmist).

💙Old Letters in the Attic.

💜No Fear, No Faith.

💛10 Good Prayers from the Psalms.

💚 Psalm 1: Walk Away from Discouragement 

💜Psalm 1: Sheer Delight.

💙Psalm 2: Only Christians Are Truly Free.

💚 Psalm 3: He Lifts My Head.

💜Psalm 3&5: God Has Got Your Back.

💛Psalm 8: When Babies Praise Jesus.

💙Psalm 9: An Encouraging Reminder.

💚Psalm 10: Why are You so Far Away, Lord?  

A Devotional Book on Psalms and Proverbs from 1-Minute Bible Love Notes.



💙 Psalm 101: 20/20 Vision

💜Psalm 117: Three Powerful Truths in the Shortest Psalm.

💛Psalm 119: 3 Ways to Overcome Temptation.

💚Psalm 119: Worth All 176 Verses.

💜Psalm 119: 5 Practical Ways to “Hide” God’s Word.

💙Psalm 119: How I Delight in Your Commands.
💙💛Psalms 119:9-16 Series💚💜:

↪Psalm 119:9-16: Nine Disciplines of Growing Christians, intro.
↪Psalm 119:9: Living According to God's Word
↪Psalm 119:10: Seek God Wholeheartedly
↪Psalm 119:10: Keep the Faith
↪Psalm 119:11: Hiding God's Word in Our Hearts.
↪Psalm 119:12: Being God's Student.
↪Psalm 119:13: Speak His Words.
↪Psalm 119:14: Enjoying Obedience
↪Psalm 119:15: God's Acts and Ways.
↪Psalm 119:16: 3 Reasons We Neglect God's Word.

🍎Bite Size Bible Studies supplementing the Psalm 119:9-16 Series: How Can We Live Pure Lives?  and Make God Your Teacher

💙Psalm 119: Let's Be Among the Readers: 11 Benefits of Reading God's Word.

💛Psalm 119:164: Praise and Nothing Else.

💚Psalm 139: God’s Words, Not Ours.

💜Psalm 143: Sharing Our Fears with God.

💙Psalm 143: 6 Ways to Fight Our Enemies.  

💛Psalm 150: If you Have Breath   
After years of requests by readers, Bible Love Notes now has a hardcover book of 1-minute devotions on Psalms and Proverbs!

If you enjoy these devotions, you'll love Wisdom for Life, a Bible Love Notes' devotional book coming out in Spring 2023. 
For the back story see A Bible Love Notes Book in 2023!!
A wonderful collection of 1-minute devotions based on the Psalms. Pin or bookmark it and read one a day! #Psalms #Bible #BibleLoveNotes #Biblestudy

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