False Teachers, False Words

False Teachers, False Words, False Books: Christians Beware

The televangelist proclaimed there’s great power in “I am” statements.

He said whatever follows our “I am” statements will follow us, so we should daily say “I am beautiful. I am special.”

He even claimed that if we say “I am getting younger” we’ll look more youthful and if we say “I am healthy,” we’ll become healthier.

Next, he said Psalm 139 was David's way of saying “I am amazing. I am wonderful.” Finally, he said Sarah could not have conceived Isaac had she not gained confidence in herself. (1)

Thousands of people listened in a huge stadium, hanging on this man’s every word.

Dear Lord, help us realize that our goal in life is to praise and exalt you, not ourselves. May we never forget the warning in Colossians 2:8:
See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.”

May we test all teachings against God's Word. He alone is the Great I Am (Exodus 3:14; John 8:58).
(1) While Psalm 139 says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, it's first and foremost a praise of the Creator. And God actually allowed Sarah to conceive despite her doubts in God, herself and her husband's age.  Genesis 18:10-15
Please read the Apostle Paul's "I am" statement in 1 Timothy 1:15
See also Romans 12:3 and Proverbs 27:2
Critique of Joel Osteen's Philosophy

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False Teachers, False Words, False Books: Christians Beware


  1. Hi Gail, wow, really? Sadly people (and sometimes ourselves) listen to, well, junk. And then they still say its in the word. We need to read and measure everything against His word!
    God bless friend

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I read the review as well. I am not a follow of Mr Osteen, but I know some who are. I had no idea how truly damaging his message is. I hope many people read this and learn the truth.

  3. My husband is doing a paper on a similar topic for a theology class... there is a big problem with "self" obsession, and Christian pastors teaching "self" doctrine is opposite of what Christ tells us. I see where the pastor was getting his basic idea from, but this is a message where 'with every lie there is a little truth mixed in', and that is what trips people up; receiving what sounds like a granule of truth and with that, swallowing the whole lie. It's very sad for a world that doesn't need any more lies.

    I love how you can clearly say it so well in such easy-to-read posts. God definitly uses your lessons to open up hearts and eyes.

  4. These teachings are so deceiving. It only serves to make Christianity all about us instead of about the Lord and what He's done for us, which very much cheapens the gospel. I don't like Joel Osteen at all but it's surprising how many people I know listen to him or read his books! Thanks for the heads up on this particular atrocity.

  5. For years I've been trying to grasp and explain why my heart is leading me away from teachings like those you described. I was raised in a Word church, my sister attends one, and since recently moving to the "Bible Belt" there are plenty churches like this to choose to attend. BUT, I have had no desire to go. (I did go to my sister's church with her, but immediately felt it was not the place for me.)

    Reading your post today was like an A-HA moment for me. Now I understand, but how do I explain this to others who question my choice. I guess it would be unkind, but appropriate, to say, "This is a self- centered church.) Does that sound judgmental?

    1. Dear Lynda,
      I would probably just tell them what you've told me. What you said here sounds humble and explains the Lord's leading in your life. If you felt they were open, you could also go through some Scripture verses that refute the teaching. There are some good websites and books that can help too. If you'd like some recommendations, let me know. They might not listen as well to being told the church is "self-centered" until they better understood what you mean. But you know them best and know how they might respond best. Everyone is different in sharing and receiving truth. I will pray for your situation. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Oh snap! I started reading this article and at first I thought you were promoting it. I was thinking "Oh No!" But I read a little further... :)
    I'm glad you can call this out for others to see how wrong this thinking truly is.

  7. I was much like Proverbs 31...Oh no...Word of Faith teaching! But, then I read your punch line in the end! May we praise, exalt and glorify Him! Our natural bent is for exalting ourselves. (IMHO most of us don't need help in that area!) Lol.

    Thanks for coming by to UNITE today at Richfaithrising! Your post is a great example of how all UNITY comes from 1st submitting to God's Lordship! Blessings to you this day! ~ jen

  8. Thank you for sharing this! It makes me so sad to hear so many people being led astray by his false teaching! We need more people {like you} pointing out how that is NOT Biblical!

  9. I like to poke around the sites on the blog hops that I've started joining and, while a lot of the writing is interesting, rarely do I add a blog to my regular reading list. It's long enough already!

    Happily, I popped over here from Titus 2sdays and - voila! - a new addition to my must read sites.

    Thank you for this wise reminder and I look forward to reading many more (and sharing them with my children).

    God bless.

  10. Hello, I also for a short time really liked the idea, but alas the WORD showed me the false teachings. My faith is in Jesus Christ not my proclaiming I...
    Merry Christmas
    Blessings, Roxy

  11. Miss Gail, I was taken in at one time by such, God in his great love brought me away from it into the truth of his Word. There is so much out there promoting as God's way. I am thankful He has saved me by the truth Jesus. Have a wonderful day and thank you


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