Have I Served God in Vain?

Pslam 73, God's faithfulness
Most of us face situations in life that knock us off our feet. And it seems logical to ask "Why didn't you stop this, Lord?" 

In Psalm 73, Aspah, a faithful servant of God, had similar questions. He looked at all the wicked, arrogant people around him who were living healthy, carefree lives. And he wondered if he'd followed God in vain because his own life was not so carefree. 

Asaph began his Psalm with confusion and questions, but he ended with reminders of God’s faithfulness. And this is a good way to process our confusion too.

Perfect justice will prevail. God promises it (Revelation 22:12Galatians 6:7-10).  But that doesn't mean we'll see it here and now. 

So whenever we encounter one of life's answerable questions, we should respond like Asaph and remind ourselves of God's wisdom, justice, and faithfulness.  

More on injustice and suffering tomorrow...

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