My Mother's Little Chair

Psalm 23, comfort of Shepherd, mother's day
As a child in Sunday school, my mother sat in a little wooden chair and memorized the 23rd Psalm

Fifty years later, when my mother's church ordered new chairs, she bought one of the old ones for me. When I see it in my dining room, I imagine her as a wide-eyed child saying, "The Lord is my Shepherd."

The Twenty-third Psalm transmits:
♥ gentleness
♥ patient care
♥ guidance
♥ constant presence

I like images of Christ, our Shepherd, holding a small lamb comfortably on his shoulders. 

I’ve been on those shoulders.

On those shoulders:
♥ “I have everything I need”
♥  He gives me rest and peace
♥ “He renews my strength”
♥ "He guides me in paths that bring honor to His Name"

When I see that little chair in my dining room, I remember my momma who "shepherded me" when I was a child. And I rejoice that she now spends her days in the arms of the Ultimate Shepherd.

To read about the my mother's final days and the 23rd Psalm, read "From Childhood to Our Last Breath."

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  1. Very sweet, Gail. The love and guidance of a mother is a blessing. What a sweet memory you have of yours.


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