Psalm 27: God Asks Me To Come and My Heart Says "Yes!"

Psalm 27: My Heart Says "Yes!" When God Asks Me To Spend Time With HIm
God asks us to spend time with Him. Let's say "Yes!"
Last month, my three granddaughters spent the night. 

We did crafts, ate snacks and told bedtime stories. In the morning, we made pancakes. 

They went to play while I cleaned up, and then I retreated to the patio with my first cup of coffee and my Bible. Ahhh! 

Psalm 27:8 spoke to my heart: 

"My heart has heard you say, 'Come and talk with me.' And my heart responds, 'LORD, I am coming.'" (NLT) 

Just then my sweet six-year-old interrupted my "quiet." 

"Will you draw pictures I can color, Grammy?" 

"After I finish praying." 

"Why do you pray, Grammy?" 

Children's questions are so good--so straight forward. I thought a moment and said "Because Jesus is my friend and Helper and I need to hear from Him." 

She sat next to me in the morning breeze, coloring. And I pondered verse eight again.

God asks us to meet with Him because of our need, not His. How can we say anything but "yes!"

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Psalm 27: My Heart Says "Yes!" When God Asks Me To Spend Time With HIm


  1. I haven't yet disciplined myself into the habit oof using a devotional daily. Always I've intended to do so but procrastinated for years. . .I now see I've deprived myself of daily fresh spiritual nourishment. The caffiene in the coffee analogy speaks to me readily since I'm usually a night owl ;) .

  2. Wonderful love note and gentle reminder. Thank you for sharing!


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