Proud Fools

How an atheist did God's work, atheism, God, Bible
An atheist wrote a rude comment on one of my devotions. 

I wondered why he would visit my Christian site with such anger. I've never visited an atheist site and called them fools even though the Bible does (Psalm 14:1). 

But God used this atheist to do His work, to remind me of my sins. 

You see, his rude comment didn't merely make me offended for God, it personally offended my ego. 

Some not-so-nice responses went through my head and slipped out of my mouth. 

I asked God to help me deal with my ugly pride, and I smiled at the irony that this atheist was helping conform me to the image of the God he denied. 

I once heard it said that everyone has a purpose in life, even if it's merely to serve as a bad example. 

Isn't it a blessing to see God use unlikely circumstances for our good (Romans 8:28)?


  1. The more I grow spiritually I can see why God has certain people in my life even if its a brief encounter like the athiest that left a comment on your blog. Maybe God uses them to sift us and if we are wise enough to look at our faults and see what God is trying to show us we grow more.

  2. Wow, that really is something to think about. God bless you, and the amazing work you are doing for Him.Lucy

  3. Yes, that is a blessing. I pray that the title of your devotions " 1 Minute Bible LOVE NOTES" will keep "niggling" at him, and worm its way deep down into his soul, until he eventually understands and accepts that God loves him, too. I pray that God will use it as a seed in his life. Be blessed today!

  4. Amen! Everything does work for the good of those that love the Lord!


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