God Can Even Use Proud Fools

It's interesting how God can use some of the most unlikely circumstances to make us better Christians.

I frequently have atheists write rude comments on my devotions. I'm not saying all atheists are rude, but these "atheistic evangelists" always arrogantly claim to be more intelligent, reasonable, and wise than every Christian throughout history.

Only a fool would think that kind of evangelism would win converts. But that fits God's definition of people who deny His existence:

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" (Psalm 14:1)

And God recently used one of those fools for my good.

He was the typical rude atheist, and when I read his rude comment I wanted to respond rudely, returning evil for evil. But God's Spirit convicted me and reminded me of passages like Romans 12:14-21.

God used this rude fool to help me deal with my foolish pride. 

I wonder how atheistic evangelists would feel knowing they help us conform to the image of the God they deny.

I once heard it said that everyone has a purpose in life, even if it's merely to serve as a bad example. 😄

Isn't it a blessing to see God use unlikely circumstances and unlikely people for our good (Romans 8:28)?
"Evangelistic atheists" have given me material for a number of my devotions: 
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It's interesting how God can use some of the most unlikely circumstances to make us better Christians.

It's interesting how God can use some of the most unlikely circumstances to make us better Christians.

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  1. The more I grow spiritually I can see why God has certain people in my life even if its a brief encounter like the athiest that left a comment on your blog. Maybe God uses them to sift us and if we are wise enough to look at our faults and see what God is trying to show us we grow more.

  2. Wow, that really is something to think about. God bless you, and the amazing work you are doing for Him.Lucy

  3. Yes, that is a blessing. I pray that the title of your devotions " 1 Minute Bible LOVE NOTES" will keep "niggling" at him, and worm its way deep down into his soul, until he eventually understands and accepts that God loves him, too. I pray that God will use it as a seed in his life. Be blessed today!

  4. Amen! Everything does work for the good of those that love the Lord!

  5. Amen! Thanks for sharing this Gail. God does use people like this to sift us. Also the more vehement the atheist or unbeliever, sometimes it’s a mask for their cry for help. Now, I know that it doesn’t sound like this from the receiving end, but, without the anger, it is.
    I want to cry when people express a derogatory view of my Saviour, but He is in control and He know best! Praise God!
    Hope this offers you and others encouragement and light in the dark places we sometimes find ourselves in.
    God Bless you and your ministry.


  6. Helpful info, as always, Gail. I love that you point out struggles and failures (wanting to return evil for evil) and explain how God works (Holy Spirit convicting you, correcting you, reminding you of Romans 12:14-21) He corrects, disciplines, rebukes us and your example helps us all learn to listen to that small, still voice within our own hearts. Consistent, contentious remarks from non-believers makes you stronger, wiser, helps build your faith. Thank you for sharing so that we may follow your example. I was bothered by your remark " the typical rude atheist" and hope we can all approach these types of conversations with the same Romans 12:14-21 in mind- feeding and blessing our enemies, rather than expecting the worst, knowing the scripture and faith and example we share may be the only "food" the person receives from the banquet of God's word and plan. We never know how these interactions may plant a small seed that grows into doubt, then seeking, and hopefully one day into Faith for a non-believer.

    1. Hi Bobbie,
      If my only comment on atheists was the remark "typical rude atheist" I would very much agree with you that I was being ungracious, but I prefaced this devotion by saying "I'm not saying all atheists are rude," and I made it clear that I was talking about "atheist evangelists" who seek out Christian content and leave remarks. I think if you reread my devotion you'll find that I made that pretty clear.

      I think 1-2 time in my 11 years of blogging, I've had a comment from an atheist that wasn't rude. But I've had hundreds that were rude. So I think my use of the word "typical" is warranted.

      I have several atheists who writes rude comments regularly on my blog and after reading 40-50, I don't even read them anymore. I just delete any comment with their name because every single one without exception is rude, name-calling, arrogant, and mean-spirited.

      Your comment is very gracious, but I feel like you have misjudged my heart for the lost.